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Blackwood Lumber: A Safer Decking Alternative Blackwood Lumber: A Safer Decking Alternative

By Industrial Wood Technology, Inc.

In order to improve the ease of loading and unloading, the trailer industry is increasingly building more tilt deck trailers. But, these inclines can have slick surfaces and create real safety concerns, especially when wet. In order to combat the potential hazards of inclined surfaces, years were spent in R&D fi guring out how best to rectify this safety concern in an affordable but convenient way. The answer: Blackwood, a rubber infused lumber that offers the traction and durability that wood alone cannot offer.

Compared to regular lumber decking,

Blackwood has less vibration en route and because of its rubber, offers a more forgiving working surface

that acts like a cushion and will “give” unlike the scraping and damage that would occur on plain wood surfaces.

The switch to update decking to Blackwood lumber is easy whether the trailer is still being manufactured or end-users are wishing to update their current trailer. Unlike some other composite fl ooring options, there is no need to add additional cross members or steel to support the decking material because lumber is at the core, making it easy to retrofi t any trailer with Blackwood products. Blackwood Classic has been out for a year and a half, and the company is excited to now offer this line to all trailer manufacturers and consumers that are looking to upgrade their trailers.

“It is hard to believe that we are still using plain wood as trailer decks in 2015 with all of the advancements in trailer manufacturing. I’ve been in the decking and fl ooring industry for over ten years, and I can see that traditional lumber is outdated. It lacks traction where you need it most,” says Kyle Gillin, Director of Industrial Wood Technology, Inc.

Trailers are no longer limited to basic, simple fl atbeds in one color and one fl ooring option. The industry has expanded similarly to the automotive industry and offers its customers a wide variety of customizable options and choices when it comes to nearly every aspect of

the product. Flooring choices are no exception to the options to customize, and Blackwood offers a sleek black look, load securement options, a tactile surface and a more user-friendly surface.

“The deck of a trailer is a unique, often overlooked, part of the trailer industry. While the deck is only about 10% of the total cost of the trailer, it makes up closer to 80% of what the trailer uses and what is seen. It is a core functional part of a trailer that sees all of the loading, unloading and weight bearing. Decks see a lot of action and deserve more attention,” said Gillin.

With the positive reception of Blackwood Classic, Industrial Wood Technology is excited to announce that more products are in the works and one is to be released in 2016.

18 November/December 2015

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