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HEALTH & FITNESS Burrows bringing yoga to masses

Former First Sports Group chair and Nuffield Health Consumer Fitness MD Nick Burrows is trialling a new yoga concept, which he hopes will ‘demystify’ the discipline and help yoga appeal to the mass market. Burrows, who has co-founded

Wellbeing Yoga, is aiming to scale up the concept

to a minimum

of five studios across Essex and the home counties by 2017, hav- ing enjoyed initial success with the company’s first studio in Brentwood. Housed in the studio space of a

local fitness club, Wellbeing Yoga Brentwood offers a wide range of inclusive yoga classes and is run by MD Jessica Livingstone. A passionate yoga instructor with marketing savvy honed from her previous career in PR, Livingstone is an equal partner in Wellbeing Yoga, which she co-founded with Burrows late last year. Pointing to the UK market’s tendency to

Burrows thinks the concept removes traditional barriers to yoga

widespread yoga participation, Wellbeing Yoga hopes to bring yoga to the masses by offering a simple and engaging service. “Te key thing is recognising the things

adopt trends from the US, Livingstone and Burrows view the UK yoga market – esti- mated to be worth £760m annually – as having latent growth potential. Aiming to dispel some of the jargon and mystique which the pair feel have been a barrier to

that create apprehension in customers, anticipating them and trying to provide an approach that makes it more inviting for customers to engage with what we’re offer- ing,” said Burrows, who is harnessing his 25 years’ of leisure industry experience to pro- vide strategic insights as non-executive chair. Details:

Swimming sites slip for third straight year

More than twice as many swimming pools have closed in Britain in the last 12 months as have opened, according to the 2015 State of the UK Swimming Industry Report. The new report – which

brings more bad news for the struggling swimming sector – reveals that the number of swimming sites in the UK fell 0.7 per cent over the twelve- month period to the end of March 2015, representing a third straight year of decline. Te report found that there


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Tere are 3,265 swimming sites in the UK, down from 3,287 last year

are now 3,265 swimming sites in the UK, down from 3,287 last year, with private sites closing at a faster rate than public facilities. It was also highlighted that public pay and play fees have increased by 3 per cent over the last 12 months, adding another hurdle to participation. Despite being the most popular participation

sport in England – with more than 2.5 million adults taking part in 30 minutes of moderate intensity swimming at least once a week – swim- ming has lately been on the decline. Te most


recent Sport England figures showed 144,200 fewer people taking to the pool in the last six months and 390,700 fewer in the last year. Te long term trend is also concerning, with 729,000 people stopping swimming in the last decade. Despite the falling figures, the 2015 State

of the UK Swimming Industry Report con- cludes that 84 per cent of the UK population lives within two miles of a public or privately owned swimming pool with some public access. Details:

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