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SPORT Crouch in funding strategy overhaul

A public consultation has been launched to mark the start of a new strategy for sport in the UK – the first step in radically overhauling the way sport is funded. Launching the consulta-

tion, the government warned that public funding is a “priv- ilege not a right” and has intimated it wants to see a better return on investment for grants made to organisations. Sports minister Tracey

Crouch said that at the heart of the need for a new strategy was the failure to increase the number of people playing sport since the London 2012 Olympic Games. Figures from Sport England’s Active

Tracey Crouch has said she will “rip up” the existing strategy Crouch said: “I want to make sure that the

People Survey show that nearly 250,000 people have stopped taking part in regular activity over the past six months. The government hasn’t ruled out the

possibility of money potentially being diverted away from national governing bodies (NGBs) and onto other organisations – such as StreetGames, Parkrun and Sported – which might be able to deliver better results.

sports sector gives everybody – no matter who they are and what their ability – the chance to take part. “Public funding is a privilege not a right and has to go to the organisations that can make a real difference.” Since her appointment in May, Crouch

has made it clear that a new strategy is at the heart of the government’s plans for sport. She has previously said the current strategy is not delivering and is not fit for purpose. Details:

Taxpayer bill for West Ham stadium move

Te British taxpayer will be footing a large chunk of the bill for West Ham United’s tenancy at the £700m Olympic Stadium in London starting next year, with the public authority that owns the stadium revealing details of the rental agreement. Following a Freedom of

Information request from the BBC, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) – the public author- ity that owns the stadium – revealed that the Premier League club will get their new home almost rent free, with a large number of facilities and services paid for by the grantor – meaning the taxpayer rather than West Ham. Included under facilities and services are cost

West Ham is expected to pay around £2.5m a year in rent at the stadium West Ham is understood to be paying

around £2.5m a year in rent, with the services covered amounting to a similar figure. “Our agreement with the LLDC will see

of stadium utilities, security, pitch maintenance and more. In addition, costs of overheads not included, such as stewarding and policing on match days, could also be paid by the LLDC, a figure which costs most Premier League clubs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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West Ham make a substantial capital con- tribution towards the conversion works of a stadium on top of a multi-million pound annual usage fee, a share of food and catering sales, plus provide extra value to the naming rights agreement,” said a West Ham statement. Details:

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