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The new zone at Lotte Water Park has now been completed WhiteWater rides bring new area at Lotte park to life

The final phase of construction at South Korea’s Lotte Water Park has been completed, with more WhiteWater waterslides unveiled in a new area. The new zone in the outdoor park, in the port city of Busan, was opened on 12 June. Lotte Water Park opened

for its first season in 2014. WhiteWater has created 12 additional waterslides,

including duelling ‘Master Blasters’, a ‘Boomerango’, and four interlocking ‘AquaLoops’. The manufacturer has also supplied a ‘FlowRider Double’, where guests can test their surfing skills. Built in two stages, the multi-phased construction process was required to accommodate the scope of the waterpark.

The design of the second generation Enterprise ride Huss Park boldly goes with Enterprise redesign

German manufacturer Huss Park Attractions has re-launched its ‘Enterprise’ ride with an improved design. It will now be available

as ‘Enterprise 2G’, a second generation of the ride. Options include ‘Enter- prise 2GH’, a hybrid design combining suspended seats and classic style gondolas, and ‘Enterprise 2GH-Plus’,

the same ride but with a new tilt action. The ride features a lifting arm which pivots up to 90°. Its wheel disc is driven by a motor and rotates fast enough to allow the gondolas to swing out as it rotates. In the vertical position guests experience a permanent looping ride, at which point the gondolas reach a height of approximately 18m.

Martin Professional’s VDO Sceptron LED video fixture Martin’s VDO Sceptron range offers a different look

Harman’s Martin Professional has announced the shipping of its VDO Sceptron LED Video fixture with 10mm pixel pitch. The VDO Sceptron range is designed for the touring and rental market. “It can be used as a lighting fixture or an LED video element, and can be combined into many different looks,” said Wouter Verlinden, product manager for LED

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Video, Martin Professional. He said optical accessories such as diffusers in various shapes and lenses for narrow beams could be exchanged in the field without tools. The fixture is also fully

pixel-level, colour and brightness calibrated, ensuring consistency between fixtures and pixels for optimal image quality.

A new UK entity, Embed Europe Limited, has been created Eurocoin acquires Playsafe from Helix Leisure

Helix Leisure has sold its Playsafe Monitoring business to Eurocoin Limited, while creating a new Embed entity. Playsafe provides real-time

reporting & analytics services for venues across the UK and Europe. Helix Leisure, which consists of payment and oper- ations management systems company Embed, LAI Games and the Locker Network, said

Twitter: @AM2jobs

it wanted to focus on its core business in the amusement sector, rather than the AGC and bingo gaming sectors which Playsafe primarily serves. All Embed System

customers will now be serviced by a new UK entity, Embed Europe Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Helix Leisure Group.

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