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Hundreds of people have been seriously injured and two people have died after an explosion on a music stage at a waterpark in Taiwan. A crowd of spectators were

caught up in a freak inferno when a coloured theatrical powder ignited, creating a ferocious firestorm. 516 people were injured, 200

seriously, at the Formosa water park in New Taipei City after the powder ignited on-stage and sprayed onto the crowd of around 1000, engulfing a large portion of the dance area in flames almost instantaneously. The powder, intended for festive lighting at the Color Play Asia

event, resulted in many of those injured suffering burns to their lower bodies. According to local media, seven people

Disney bans selfie sticks from all of its parks

Disney is the latest visitor attraction to put a ban on the selfie stick, citing safety concerns for guests and staff. Joining a growing list of attractions

that have outlawed the accessory, the selfie stick is now banned from Walt Disney World in Orlando and Florida, Disneyland California, and at Disney’s parks in Hong Kong and Paris. Disney had previously allowed the

devices in its parks but not on the rides. According to the theme park, visitors were violating the rules, forcing staff to stop rides for extended periods of time. More:


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from Attractions Management 8 JULY 2015 ISSUE 30 Firestorm engulfs hundreds in waterpark incident

90 per cent burns to her body and then 19-year-old Liu Chih-wei died on 2 July after suffering burns to 95 per cent of his body. Since the incident, the

Two people have died and 182 are in intensive care after the accident

have life-threatening injuries, while 184 are still in intensive care. 20-year-old Lee Pei-yun died on 29 June after suffering

waterpark has been closed and the park and its organisers have had their assets seized. Charges of neglect could be brought against four people including the organiser. A ban in Taiwan has also been placed on the use of coloured theatrical powder at private events. Fire officials are still

investigating the explosion, which is suspected to have been caused by a mixture of air and concen- trated combustible particles. More:

Spaceport America launches visitor experience

New Mexico’s Spaceport America – the first purpose-built commercial spaceport in the world – has launched a new experience tour and exhibition for its visitors as it looks to offset operational costs for the US$219m (€195m, £139m) facility. A new US$7m (€6.2m, £4.4m) visitor

centre in the city of Truth or Consequences offers educational and interactive space experiences, with the option of purchasing a ticket for the official tour Spaceport. For the trip visitors can see the brand new

Gateway Gallery by design firm IDEAS, where they can see life-size replicas of offerings from Virgin Galactic, get a view of the 45,000sq ft (4,180sq m) terminal hangar and the chance

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The tour is a way to offset Spaceport costs

to try out a G-Shock simulator. Visitors also get to meet the Spaceport’s staff, explore the fire station and finally get driven down the 12,000ft-long (3,657m) main runway. More:

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