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HEALTH & FITNESS MPs’ unhealthy habits revealed

Almost one half of the UK’s MPs are failing to meet the government recommendation of at least two and a half hours of moderate activity each week, according to new research. T e fi ndings, which come

from a Nuffi eld Health study comprising 100 members of parliament, were branded “disappointing” by CEO of ukactive David Stalker. “Members of parliament

lead busy schedules, where making healthy choices is not always the easiest option,” said Stalker. “T ere are, however, more than two miles of corridors in the parlia- mentary estate that MPs can walk around, so it is disappointing to see so few of them reaching the target needed for good health.” Aside from poor exercise habits, the study

MPs prepare for the 2012 Parliamentary Pancake race in Westminster A fi ſt h (21 per cent) of female MPs exceed

found that many of those charged with repre- senting the public fall short of recommended guidelines when it comes to diet. Almost nine in ten MPs (86 per cent) questioned admitted that they exceed NHS daily calorie guide- lines at least once a week, with 71 per cent overeating on up to four days a week.

the Department of Health’s safe weekly alcohol intake guideline of 21 units, a statistic virtually mirrored by the amount of male MPs (19 per cent) who consume more than their 28-unit suggested safe limit. Asked whether they thought their lifestyle was healthy or unhealthy, four in ten MPs (41 per cent) said unhealthy. Of the 100 MPs questioned, 40 were

Conservative, 47 Labour, nine Lib Dem and four from other parties. 79 were male and 21 female members. Details:

Bannatyne bids for boutique indoor cycling

Duncan Bannatyne’s ex-wife is embarking on a new health and fi tness venture as she bids to replicate London’s current indoor cycling boom in the north east of England. Joanne Bannatyne, who

divorced the entrepreneur and TV personality last year and was also managing director of Bannatyne’s Fitness, runs a string of CrossFit clubs across the north east with business partner Lee Howe and the pair are now turning their atten- tion to indoor cycling. Bannatyne and Howe have

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T e trio behind WattCyle (l-r) Lee Howe, Joanne Bannatyne and Andy Mockler

bought 15 Wattbikes to kickstart the launch of their WattCycle functional training concept. T e fi rst WattCycle hub is soon to debut on a mezzanine level at CrossFit Telic – the pair’s Hartlepool box – while a standalone WattCycle site is due to launch in Teeside this November. “Joanne, Lee and the team have put a lot of

eff ort into combining aspects of the CrossFit training programme with indoor cycling to develop the WattCycle brand and improve


upon the traditional spinning class set up,” said Wattbike sales manager Steve Marshall. “In the past fi ve years cycling has gone from

strength to strength, with cyclists demanding more sophistication in their training.” The announcement follows on from

London’s cycle-focused health club craze and suggests that workouts on wheels appear in no imminent danger of hitting the skids. Details:

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