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SPORT Aberdeen stadium “ready for 2017”

Aberdeen Football Club’s new stadium at Loirston Loch is set to be built in time for the 2017-18 sea- son, according to chairman of the club Stewart Milne. Sp e a k ing

to BBC

Scotland, Milne said work to reduce the club’s debt was progressing well, helped by recent good performances on the pitch which have earned the team a run in the UEFA Europa League. Milne has previously said

that he wants the Scottish club to become debt-free before it embarks on relo- cating to a new home. Plans that were originally put forward by the

club to build a 21,000-seat stadium at Loirston Loch – not far from a proposed community sports centre at Calder Park – came to noth- ing when Aberdeen City Council decided to reject plans for the latter back in August 2012. Te club has, however, had subsequent talks

with the council which have proved productive. Milne commented: “We still see Loirston as the best location for the new stadium and

Te team was on top-form last year and made it into the Europa League

have reopened discussions with the Council. “We have looked at other sites and there are

other venues out there but we have invested a lot of money into the Loirston site and still firmly believe it is the best option.” “Our current thinking is that we want to

aim for having the new stadium ready to play in probably season 2017/18. In my opin- ion we made serious progress last season.” Details:

Fitness initiative puts fans through paces

English football club Bristol Rovers wants to help its fans emulate the fitness of its play- ers, through an innovative community initiative which sees supporters swap half- time pies for weekly exercise. The club’s charity – the

Bristol Rovers Community Trust – has launched a new Fans4Life project designed to improve the health and well- being of nearby residents, using an exercise and educa- tion programme. Te course is specifically aimed at males who are not comfortable with traditional weight loss classes. Sessions will be run by local fitness legend

Bristol Rovers fan – known as Gas Heads – are being urged to get active

Mark Hammond, who has previously worked with the Bristol Rovers first team. Te first free ten-week course – which is being supported and evaluated by the University of Gloucester – will start in September and there will be free health screenings as part of the offering. “Te Fans4Life course aims to engage those men for whom the gym and traditional diets

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do not appeal,” said Bristol Rovers head of edu- cation Adam Tutton. “Te project will help sports fans who do very little exercise, and are overweight, to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that taking part in this programme could add six seasons to a fan’s life.” Te move follows the recent Premier League announcement that it would provide an additional £10.5m to fund sport in English primary schools. Details:

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