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400,000+ READERS leisure opportunities 19 AUG – 01 SEP 2014 ISSUE 639 Daily news & jobs: Industry leaders rail at ‘irresponsible’ exercise claims

Health and fitness industry figureheads have rebuffed the sensational health claims reported on the Daily Mail website, following 5:2 diet advocate and author Dr Michael Mosley’s TV appear- ance on Tis Morning. During a section trailed

as “busting medical myths,” Mosley made a series of assertions about the ineffi- cacy of gyms and exercise in helping to lose weight and increase physical fitness: • He said that people never lose weight from exercise “in the long run” because soci- ety’s reward culture leads to them consuming extra calo- ries as a treat for carrying out exercise. • Branded the notion that exercise makes peo- ple feel better through endorphins “a myth.” • Claimed only 20 per cent of people become noticeably fitter from exercise, citing an

Man Utd bucks sports tech trend with iPad ban

Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) has moved to ban iPads from the club’s stadium, at a time when many sports clubs are embrac- ing technology as a way of enhancing the matchday experience for fans. Te club circulated an email to fans

advising them of the move before the recent pre-season friendly against Valencia. It said: “Supporters cannot bring large electronic devices (big- ger than 150mmx100mm) inside the stadium. For example, iPads or other tablet devices and laptops are now pro- hibited.” Continued on back cover



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Mail article under the alarm- ing headline “‘You’ll never lose weight going to the gym and exercise DOESN’T boost your mood’: Leading expert busts common fitness myths.” Both Mosley’s comments

Dr Michael Mosley made a series of controversial claims during his TV appearance

unnamed study that found the majority of peo- ple made negligible fitness gains from an exercise regime as they “didn’t have the right genes.” Mosley’s TV appearance and claims then formed the basis of a widely-shared Daily

London pillar of light commemorates WW1

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, a huge pillar of light was shot into the air, illuminating London’s famous skyline. Together with the nation’s Lights Out ini-

tiative, which saw households and businesses across the UK extinguishing all but one of their lights at 10pm in early August, acclaimed artist Ryoji Ikeda’s latest installation lit up a corner of Westminster and spread 15km (9m) into the sky. Called Spectra, Ikeda’s installation con-

sisted of 49 high-powered static search lights, beaming into the night sky placed on a 20m (66ft) grid, which were lit from dusk until dawn for seven nights. Spectra then opened to visitors, who could walk in between the

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and the Daily Mail’s subse- quent reporting of them, were met with dismay from indus- try thought leaders. énergie Group CEO Jan Spaticchia branded them “damaging” and “outrageous,” while sev- eral figures expressed alarm at the irresponsible message being spread to the public, when physical inactivity has been identified as a major con- tributor to premature death.”

Leisure Opportunities editor Liz Terry, Te

Gym Group chair John Treharne and ukac- tive CEO David Stalker were all critical – their comments can be read at the link below. Details:

Te view from Lambeth Bridge of Spectra

lights and listen to a soundtrack composed by Ikeda, allowing a fully immersive space for reflection and wonder. The project was kept secret until its surprise reveal on the night. Details:

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