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Microsoft launches fitness app for Windows Phone

Microsoft is the latest company to join the fitness app trend by releasing the Bing Health & Fitness Windows Phone app. Initially released in beta format through

the Windows store, the pre-release version offers a combination of fitness, health and nutrition-tracking features. Te app includes more than 100,000 foods

to track the user’s daily calorie routine, nutri- tion information for more than 300,000 food items, health indicators, symptom checker, information on human body in a 3D visu- alisation, exercise tracker along with video browsing for workouts and yoga poses. The app was originally launched with

Windows 8.1 in 2013 and will be the see the existing soſtware jump from the desktop OS to mobile devices. Details:

ukactive event examines inactivity

Key academic thinkers in the area of physical activity and exercise met with leaders from the leisure indus- try and public health in London on Wednesday, to discuss solutions to the UK’s inactivity crisis. Te event was hosted by not-for-

profit health body ukactive, whose recent report Turning the Tide of Inactivity highlighted the extent of the crisis and reached an estimated 24 million UK citizens thanks to exten- sive media coverage. Speakers including Professor Greg

Whyte OBE and Dr Chris Beedie joined ukactive CEO David Stalker in calling for a move ‘from knowledge to action’ when it came to reversing the growing numbers of physically inactive people in the UK. Te findings and ongoing ‘real-world’ research

ukactive CEO David Stalker chaired the discussion in London

carried out by ukactive’s Research Institute also gave food for thought for delegates, including an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of varying methods of exercise interventions. Having raised the profile of physical inac-

tivity as a top-tier public health concern, the ukactive report was revisited as part of the agenda, but it was the drastic need for more

Te list covered the top 10 fitness trends for 2014

ACSM releases top 10 fitness trends for 2014

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has released the results of a survey predicting the worldwide top 10 fitness trends for 2014. Leading the way is increasingly popu-

lar high intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves short bursts of activity fol- lowed by a short period of rest or recovery, usually conducted over a 30-minute period. For the first time in the survey’s history,

body weight training has appeared in the results, coming in at number two in the list. Te trend allows for the use of mini- mal equipment making it more affordable for fitness enthusiasts. Another intriguing entry into the trends

list was the application of age-appropriate methods. Entering into the results at num- ber seven, the trend conveys the extra effort that fitness professionals are taking to cre- ate age-appropriate fitness programs to keep older adults healthy and active. Te list’s eighth entry is also closely related

to age, with the idea of functional fitness looking to improve people’s balance and ease daily living. Details:


data and better use of existing data that was the theme throughout. “Tere needs to be more research across all

demographics, across all age spans and across all diseases around physical activity and its benefits,” said Greg Whyte. Dr Chris Beedie, of ukactive’s Scientific

Advisory Board, said exercise needs to become the ‘medicine of choice’ when it comes to alter- ing lifestyles and quality of life outcomes.

London Aquatics Centre ready goes public

Te London Aquatics Centre, which was home to the London 2012 Olympics, has opened its doors to the public. For low rates, people will

be able to swim in this Zaha Hadid-designed centre, where Tom Daley and Ellie Simmonds won medals for TeamGB. “Te venue has been con-

verted into a sport and leisure facility for the whole commu- nity, hosting arguably the best aquatic facility in the world,” said deputy managing director of GLL, Peter Bundey. “With access available to local and London swimming clubs, it will be a unique training venue for our stars of the future.” Te centre includes two 50m pools, the com-

Te London Aquatics Centre played host to the 2012 London Olympic Games Other facilities include a gym, café and creche.

petition pool used for lane and fitness swimming, plus a training pool for family and fun sessions. With a 25m diving pool, platforms of up to

10m, as well as a dry diving zone, with a trampo- line, harness and foam pit, for divers to practise their technique, this will become the home of high performance diving in the UK.

Read Leisure Opportunities online:

Much of the temporary seating has been replaced by 2,800sq m of glass and doors to allow natural light into the venue. National and international competitions will be

hosted at the venue, but the first big event will be a swimathon for Sport Relief at the end of March. GLL will be charging £3.50 for pay as you

go swimming sessions, or £29.50 a month for membership. Details:

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