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Legislative Our legislative team, co-chaired by John Bratt,

Dennis O’Brien and Todd Schuler, I and our lobbyists, Dan Doherty and Frank Boston, have met a number of times over the summer and have been working hard in preparation for the upcoming legislative session. After input from some of our sections, MAJ will be introducing bills in the auto negligence and medical malpractice areas and is working to resolve the problems encountered recently with Maryland Medicaid and liens. None of the good work we do would be possible

without your contributions, whether they be time or money, and quite often, both. I am truly proud to be part of this organization that accomplishes so much and excels at so many levels. 

Biography Louise A. Lock (Louise A. Lock, PA, Towson, MD) received

her JD from the University of Baltimore School of Law and an LLM in Health Law from the Widener University School of Law. She is a member of the MAJ President’s Club as an Eagle. Ms. Lock was most recently Co-Chair of the Nursing Home Section. She has also served as Chair of the MAJ Publications Committee, Editor-in-Chief of the Trial Reporter journal, Chair of the Membership Directory and Chair of the Membership Communications Committee. In 2007, Ms. Lock was a founder of the MAJ Public Awareness Committee and initiated the Public School Awareness Program (PASP). She also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Te Maryland Bar Journal. Her practice focuses in the areas of medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, product liability and serious, personal injury matters.


September 2011 - December 2011 New and Returning MAJ Members

Erika R. Adams Kelly Albright

Katherine Andrews Xavier Aragona Lee O. Atakpu Samuel C. P. Baldwin, Jr. Chaz R. Ball Cathrin S. Banks Benjamin Barnes Henry R. Barnes Justin M. Baylor Krisanne Bentley Aaron Besser Lytia Blackmon Walakewon Blegay Gretchen Blinke Victoria M. Boursiquot Traci Bradley Myron T. Brown Robert W. Burton Robert S. Campbell Irvin Cannaday Toya Carmichael

Christin Carothers Devon R. Carroll Ari N. Cherniak Kathleen T. Childs Tomeka Chruch Lori Jo Churchyard Jon M. Coen

Christopher A. Cole Courtney R. Colonese Kathleen Couslin Brenda Crawford Lisa Cunningham Tatyana Delgado Christel Duff Michelle Ebert Robert A. Elliott James F. Farmer Kobie A. Flowers Anthony D. Freeman Lauren M. Gibbons Alan M. Glickman Marie-Therese Goff Rachel M. Goodman

4 Trial Reporter / Winter 2012

Adrian Gottsall John Hall

Steven S. Hamilton Keisha M. Hardley Jonathan Harris Joseph P. Hart Nida Hasan Lucy Hirsch

Christine Hogan Nathaniel Holley Andrew Hoverman Pierre Ifill

Denise N. James Tiffany N. Kilby Chamilla Kittles Nick Lepore

Frederick A. Lester, Jr. Neisha Lewis-Blaqrove Tom Magaha Joseph F. Manson Ace McBride Mark R. McKenna Benjamin H. Meredith

Michael Merod Christopher R. Miller William E. Mount Jennifer L. Muskus Zachary Myers Jack B. Neff Scott H. Ness Cara L. O’Brien Andrew K. O’Connell Kathleen Parks Rene M. Parks Jason B. Penn Mandi Peters Vineetha Pillai Caitlin C. Plitt Catherine Pugh Jhumur Razzaque Michael Reiter Archie L. Rich Brian Ritter John Roberts John Robotham Megan Rogers

George R. Roles Trevor M. Rose Raphael J. Santini Daniel C. Scialpi Michael Baltzan Schloss Sherry Seibert-Gornall Clifford Silbiger May O. Silverstein Kevin D. Stern Lynn M. Stewart Justin D. Stuller Aditya Surendran Natalie N. Terry Jeffrey Tittsworth Tony W. Torain, II Lauren A. Turner Christos Vasiliades Roxanne Lynn Ward Blair Warner Jenee Weaver Christopher R. Weiss David K. Wheaton Jennifer Wilson

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