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Appellate Watch (Continued from page 42) Case # 419-00938 Case Name Liquor License

Counsel for Appellant/ Area of Law

Commissioners for (301) 627-7700 Prince George’s County, Administrative Law/ v. Global Express

Money Orders, Inc., Subpoena et al.

420-00803 Swinford v. Failure to Answer

Deer Valley, LLC (301) 654-4100 Property Law

Richard J. Speinnepz, Esq. Robert C. Nalley/ Charles County

Judge/ Jurisdiction

Edmond B. O’Connell, Esq. Dwight Jackson / Prince George’s County


In a case where lawfully-subpoenaed police of- ficers refuse to testify under a policy of their department that they not testify in hearings be- fore the Liquor Board, should the Board have permitted counsel the opportunity to seek a Circuit Court order compelling such testimony?

Among other issues, did the trial court err in granting a motion for summary judgment to plaintiffs, holding appellant’s right-of-way en- cumbering appellees’ property to be an unreasonable restraint upon alienation, and therefore, invalid and unenforceable?

421-1041 Miller v. Bankers Gina M. Connell, Esq. E. Allen Shepherd/ Independent Insurance Co.

(202) 265-7755 Personal Injury/

Motor Vehicle Accident 422-175 Ward v. Hartley

Frances A. Pommett, III Joseph H. H. Kaplan/ (410) 685-0888

Baltimore City Personal Injury/Dog Bite

423-01268 Hill v. Ann Halt, et al. Alice D. Kohler, Esq. (410) 308-1600

Charles Matinez, Esq. (410) 752-7474 Medical Malpractice


Campbell v. Larry Bolourian, et al.

Richard D. Mosier, Esq. Cynthia (202) 662-5166

Elizabeth Keys, Esq. (301) 431-4185 Civil Procedure/Discovery

425-01135 Tiso v. Lumpkin Mark E. Herman, Esq. Nikki H. (410) 837-2144 Personal Injury/

Motor Vehicle Accident 426-916

Cicone v. Hartford H. Patrick Stringer, Jr. Maurice Baldwin/ Mutual Insurance Company

Personal Injury/ Motor Vehicle Accident

(410) 828-1335 Hartford County Morman, Esq./ Baltimore County Campbell, Esq.

Joseph H.H. Kaplan/ Baltimore City

Prince George’s County

Whether medical information received by the defense in response to a third-party subpoena but not authenticated should have been intro- duced into evidence in this personal injury case for impeachment purposes.

Whether a landlord owes a business invitee a duty of care to protect the invitee from a pit bull kept by tenants on the leased premises where the landlord knew or should have known of the presence of the dog.

Whether the plaintiff’s certificate of qualified expert was deficient because it allegedly did not include a specific list or specifically identify the defendant healthcare providers whom the expert believed were negligent.

In an action for unpaid wages, should appellant be forced to produce in discovery information about her current immigration status, current employment status, and tax returns filed subse- quent to her employment with the defendants?

Whether a motion for judgment after close of the evidence should have been granted given that the plaintiff driver testified that she was rear- ended and further, given that there was no explanation given in an attempt to rebut the pre- sumption of negligence on the part of the driver who rear-ended her.

In an insurance policy defining “you” and “your” as referring to the named “insured,” and where a corporate entity is the only named insured, should the policy extend UM/UIM coverage to the secretary and treasurer of the corporation who is also an employee?

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