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Tyrone D Taborn | Publisher &
Editorial Director
Jean Hamilton | President and CFO
Ken Miller | Chief Operating Officer
I was a golf nut as a teen, but I don’t watch the sport much on TV now,
Robert Ingram | Associate Publisher &
unless Tiger Woods is rallying. That’s why I tuned into the 2009 Masters Golf
VP of Strategic Initiatives
Miller J Roberts, III | Chief of Staff
Woods made a mini-charge and tied for sixth. Even though he didn’t take
Frank McCoy | Editor-in-Chief
the top spot I still was thrilled, because the tournament sponsors geeked out
Lango Deen | Senior Editor
on the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math in Exxon-
Garland L. Thompson | Contributing Editor
Mobil ads featuring former champion Phil Mickelson. Here’s a link to one:
Sherley Petit-Homme | Art Director
Tiger is electrifying to watch, like all of our sports champions, but to be
frank that kind of success can be shared by most people only in their dreams.
Ana Bertrand | Conference Coordinator
Success in education can make many more dreams come true, however, and
Kayenecha Daugherty | Employer and Campus
we at US Black Engineer & Information Technology know that STEM will take Outreach Coordinator
our kids further than emulating Tiger.
Eula Gautreaux | Employer and Campus
Outreach Coordinatorr
This Deans’ Edition exemplifies the possible, as 45 percent of the nation’s
black engineers graduate annually from historically black colleges, even though
Stanley Levin | Credit Manager
much larger numbers of blacks enroll at mainstream institutions.
With the Obama administration investing billions to rebuild the nation’s
Jack Lo | System Administrator
infrastructure, and more billions in research and development for science and Lucille Kennedy | Sales Administrator/
technology, the nation needs more STEM grads like this year’s crop of HBCU
alumni — engineers and scientists whose ideas and innovation transform lives
Jay Albritton | Editorial Assistant
and bolster the economy.
Antonio M Watson, Sr | Vice President of Sales
There’s no time to waste. Last year, American kids placed eleventh in
Diane T Jones | Director of Development
a global math and science test of fourth graders. On the college level, many
Richard Butler | Senior Account Executive
countries are racing to outstrip US production of STEM professionals.
The Phil Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy, profiled in the ad 729 E. Pratt Street, 5th Floor
above has the goal of teaching elementary school teachers to make math
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 244-7101
and science exciting for 3rd-to-5th graders. To recommend a teacher who
Fax: (410) 752-1834
will benefit, go to:
In the meantime, check out to learn about the
US Black Engineer & Information Technology (ISSN 1088-3444) is a publication devoted
many STEM summer camps for kids. Astronaut Bernard Harris, the first black
to engineering, science, and technology and to promoting opportunities in those
man to walk in space, runs one of the most prominent, which is expanding
fields for black Americans. The editors invite submissions directed toward the goals
of US Black Engineer & Information Technology. In particular, we wish to present ideas
into new cities and states each year. Here’s the link: www.theharrisfoundation. and current events concerning science and technology, and personality profiles of
successful blacks in these fields and related business pursuits. Fully developed arti-
cles may be sent for consideration, but queries are encouraged. US Black Engineer
& Information Technology invites letters to the editor about any topics important to
These days, my idea of a hole-in-one is a STEM degree. our readership. Articles and letters should be sent to: US Black Engineer & Information
Technology, Editorial Department, 729 E Pratt St., 5th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202.
No manuscript will be returned unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed
envelope. US Black Engineer & Information Technology cannot be responsible for un-
Frank McCoy solicited art or editorial material. This publication is bulk-mailed to 150 colleges and
universities nationwide. Subscriptions are $26/year. Please write to US Black Engineer
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