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How do you collaborate with engineering
Diversity Council to ensure that we are doing all we can to
actively involve all our employees.”
—Tony Affuso, Chairman & CEO - Siemens PLM Software
[We] work with Howard, Tennessee, and FAMU; [the]
Advisory Board at the FAMU/FSU school of Engineering;
“Minorities look at top engineering management
Co-ops/Internships, [and] college recruiting.
and… don’t see many people who look like them. Partner-
—Cindy Kane, Harris Corporation
ing with Howard University and other HBCU engineering
schools to promote engineering excellence is one way to
With in-kind software grants made to 10,000 schools,
solve it.
more than one million students are trained on our software
—Delon Hampton, CEO, Delon Hampton & Associates
annually. Roughly 30 percent of our academic grants go to
As chairman of AMIE, I have had the opportunity to
—Hulas King, Siemens
collaborate with the accredited engineering programs,
member companies and federal agencies to attract, edu-
Members of our firm are teaching engineering classes
cate, graduate and employ some of the brightest technical
at the university. [W] e provide minority students opportu-
minds in the country.
nity to have first hand work experiences with all types of
—Joe McAvoy, Vice President Supply Diversity,
Aerotek, Inc.
—Delon Hampton, Delon Hampton & Associates
We support historically black colleges and universities
Aerotek advises the engineering schools through
because they play an essential role in creating educational
participation in AMIE… provides scholarship dollars for
and professional opportunities for minority students in the
students as well as sponsoring the AMIE/BEYA Ambassador
United States. HBCUs’ courage and leadership has funda-
Program with Career Communications Group and Lockheed
mentally altered America’s social and economic landscape,
and the students they graduate are well-prepared to make
—Joe McAvoy, Aerotek
valuable contributions in their workplaces and communities.
Caterpillar employees participate in the Industrial
—Michael D. Bolon, Senior Vice President, Engineering
Advisory Council, a part of the engineering advisory board
Design & Development, General Dynamics
at Prairie View A&M University. Employees also act as lead
consultants within the Engineering House for the mechani-
cal and electrical engineering departments at Tuskegee
University, and participate on several advisory councils
We have many students excelling in careers at Harris.
at North Carolina A&T University. Caterpillar has a robust
Recently I meet with some of the alumni from FAMU and
internship program that provides students with hands-
most had been with us over 25 years.
on knowledge and meaningful work experience, [and]
—Cindy Kane, Harris Corporation
provides support to students via Caterpillar Foundation
Erica Simmons, 2008 recipient of a National Women of
—Shannon Pelissero, Caterlillar, Inc.
Color award, is a marketing manager focused on the high
tech and electronics industry for Siemens PLM Software.
As an industry team member, Erica is responsible for go-
to-market strategy and execution, sales education and cus-
tomer support for the high tech and electronics industry.
“We have been active in promoting Diversity as core
—Hulas King, Siemens
to our company culture and are often sought out by diver-
sity media as a result of the quality of our global diversity
Kirin Smith is a 2004 Howard engineering grad. She
programs. We continue to build an inclusive work force
completed the coordination of design efforts for a project
by sharing best practices, and establishing mandatory
that will provide transit improvement services [for the Bol-
diversity training across our global teams. Within Siemens
ling Air Force Base. Recently, she was recognized for her
PLM Software, leadership works closely with our Global
efforts in designing [a] playground improvement project.
—Delon Hampton, Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered
a USBE & Information Technology I DEANS Edition 2009 29
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