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the candidates, there is, with this model, limited support to identify the required quality of candidates and the agency will always be tempted to increase their margin by pushing the full recruitment agency service.

organisations buy or lease to help with their recruitment – are comparatively new but are proving very popular as they can lead to cheaper, quicker, more effective recruitment as they provide tools to attract the best candidate and a process which allows good communication, efficiency and cost-savings for both candidate and recruiter. Most technology providers that include recruitment functionality fall in to three clear categories. The first is the extension of the existing HR Management System (HRMS). The second is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), developed specifically for recruitment. The third category is Job Boards themselves, with varying degrees of functionality, who post job advertisements directly. All three have varying degrees of integration with social/business networking sites. Many such have sprung up over recent years and have different commercial models from simple Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG), Software as a Service model or on a subscription basis.

Whether an organisation adopts a Pay-as-you-Go model or invests in a software Subscription - often as a term licence - largely depends on how often an organisation recruits.

The more advanced ATSs integrate mobile, candidate testing, video interviewing as well as posting to Job Boards and social media and tend to be purchased on a subscription basis as organisations recognise that these systems will largely form part of a bigger HR strategy.

recruitment market, and arguably one of the best recruitment methods, where suppliers have invested heavily in technology and also offer recruitment support as part the subscription paid by the recruiting organisation. The aim is to provide the best recruitment tools and resources so organisations can recruit directly which can be cost-effective, provide control and oversight, and allow an organisation to build a Talent Pool going forward. These vendors will often have in- house recruiters themselves who can resource candidates on behalf of an organisation so that if a particular campaign is not doing so well, they can assist their clients by bringing in their expertise, including from

Service Enhanced Technology Providers This model is the most recent to appear in the

Technology Only Providers Online recruitment systems – software that

optimising job advertisements, proactively searching for candidates or re-qualifying some of the early applicants who may not have fully included their experience or qualifications at the time of application. These services can often be negotiated separately as either a one-off or on an on-going basis, depending on the scope and volume on offer.

Whichever option is chosen – and sometimes it will be a combination of the above – it needs to fit with the company culture and be one that those recruiting will actually use to deliver optimum results.

A short checklist for those interested in pursuing the online recruitment option is to ask if the system allows the following:-

Ability to register interest/ talent pool – for contract wins where large numbers of same skilled workers are needed quickly, this will remove the need to advertise again

Agency module – provides the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with all agencies used to recruit specific staff

Skills based tests – testing skills from numeracy and literacy to driving to minimise the risk of candidates starting and performing poorly

Right to work checks – allows a company to determine quickly that the candidate is legally allowed to work in the country

Background checks – To ensure the workers are right for certain jobs

Video Interviewing – very useful if abroad candidates needed or distance candidates needed for specialist skills

On boarding module – the candidate enters their bank details, references, proof of ID etc online and a contract is automatically created and emailed over – helps with quick demand hiring


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