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Homes to be built from recycled waste to help Britain reduce its huge rubbish mountain

Bricks and mortar on the way out – in come bottles and glue? Builders urged to seek out alternative building materials.

Homes built from recycled waste could help Britain reduce its huge rubbish mountain, as long as builders and architects are prepared to turn away from traditional bricks and mortar.

recycling and waste management company, which is of the opinion that Britain's household and commercial waste contains enough raw materials to keep the trade in work for years to come.

The Company says that with the trend for alternative build "eco homes", more builders should look into using non- traditional materials for construction projects.

McCloud Grand Designs idea for Channel Four," says spokesperson Mark Hall, "Britain genuinely throws away millions of tons of waste that could find their way into the building trade if recycled correctly."

Among the objects discarded in their tens of millions in the UK is the lowly plastic drinks bottle, which can be recycled and used directly as a building material.

in Asia, where it's claimed that the resulting structures are stronger than concrete.

In fact, plastic bottles are already used as a building material

Hall, "And there are all sorts of safety and fire regulations to overcome.

"Of course, there would have to be a British twist to it," says

"But the time of the non-traditional build is upon us, and the materials lie around us every day."

"This isn't just some Kevin That's the view of a leading UK

While there are a number of tried- and-tested alternative build methods such as insulated concrete formwork (ICF), straw bales, and structural insulated panels (SIPs), newer ways of thinking mean that recycling plastics, metal textiles and paper can provide raw materials to contribute to new builds.

"So while exterior walls and the like can be built from whatever material necessary, interior walls, fixtures and fittings can be fashioned from recycled, refashioned and reclaimed waste," says Business Waste.

reclamation (for example, filling plastic bottles with other waste and using them as a material for an inner wall), or through recycling waste into other useful building materials.

"There's enough plastic thrown away every year to give the entire country a decent laminate flooring," Hall says. "It's just a matter of collecting the right types of plastics and getting them to the manufacturers with the skills and machinery to do this."

With the government demanding a building boom across the country, says there's enough space for both traditional and non-traditional building styles that will both kick-start the economy and pull us back from our looming landfill crisis.

"The fact that we still only recycle less than half of our waste is a national disgrace," says 's Mark Hall.

"We are literally throwing away the raw materials to rebuild our nation."

This is either through direct



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