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Security Sponsored by Selectamark PLC - Delta helps to protect Residents

Newlon Housing Trust has chosen Delta Security’s Model 9 Steel Doors to optimise the safety and security of its Queensland Road ‘QN7’ development - the final housing phase of the ‘Arsenal on the Move’ regeneration project.

Newlon is a charitable housing association providing nearly 8,000 affordable homes in north and east London. QN7 developed in partnership with Arsenal Football Club and Islington Council will also be home to the new Arsenal Sports Centre, which the local community will be able to use and where the Club’s educational and social inclusion community programmes will be held.

Stefan St Hilaire-Brown, Head of Building Services for Newlon Housing Trust, explains that part of his role in the project was to work with the design and development teams to find solutions that worked from a design, functionality and security point of view on all the communal aspects of the buildings:

“Following the completion of each site, our aim is to learn from our experiences to improve each new development. One housing block near Caledonian Road suffered incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) after football matches and so we sought an access control solution that would increase the safety and security of tenants, whilst also retaining high-quality design.

We looked at the products of numerous suppliers, before deciding upon Delta Security, as our experience had given us valuable insight into which door components and materials would be most suitable. Delta Security showed us the Model 9 Steel Door in situ and the re- enforced glass, inbuilt tamper-proof twin maglocks and auto-closing hinging mechanism made the door the ideal choice from a security point of view.”

Delta Security developed the door so that its aesthetics suited the requirements of Newlon Housing Trust and it was fitted as a replacement to

- 73% increase in unmanned forecourts benefitting from remote monitoring

- High-tech CCTV ensures unmanned forecourts comply with safety guidelines

REMOTE monitoring is solving the battle of manning petrol forecourts on a 24-hour basis.

A 73% increase, over a three-year period, in the number of unmanned forecourts monitored by Farsight Security Services signifies a growth in popularity for remote monitoring over staffing the high-risk environment.

Lone workers at petrol forecourts face a vast and probable list of dangers including fire and theft. Remote monitoring eliminates these risks for isolated workers.

Malcolm O’Shea Barnes, senior operations manager at Farsight Security Services, explains: “Over the past three years the use of CCTV at unmanned forecourts has been refined to ensure the safety of the general public.

the communal doors at the development near Caledonian Road. The door uses 19mm thick anti-bandit glass and complies to Secure by Design and LPS1175 security rating specifications, even with the high glass content of the doors, which has been used to suit the modern design of the developments.

“The new door is highly resilient to vandalism and following installation, ASB at Caledonian Road was immediately reduced,” continues Stefan. “The Model 9 Steel door has since been used for all the communal entrances at the QN7 project, which has 354 homes, and is the largest single development of the Arsenal Regeneration Project. We have also written the Model 9 specification into our Employer Requirements, which details that all our building contractors are required to use the Model 9 Steel Door or one that is equivalent in specification and design.”

Stefan described the installation on retro fit projects as being very slick: “It happens on the day specified and within the specified timescale, workmanship has been of a very high standard and the tenants have actually taken the trouble to thank us for the doors!”

Dave Mundy, Operations Manager at Delta Security is delighted to have the opportunity to work with such high-profile housing projects: “QN7 is one of Newlon’s many landmark projects; it has transformed the area and we are pleased that we can play a part in increasing the safety and security of the development.”

High-tech monitoring makes unmanned forecourts a viable option “Working with technology partners and

- Lone worker protection a priority in the move to remote monitoring

Primary Authority Partners for Petroleum Legislation, Farsight has produced an affordable and environmentally friendly solution that can be retro fitted around existing equipment. All whilst following national guidelines.”

In 2011, only 1% of petrol forecourts monitored by Farsight used video analytics. In 2014 that number has rocketed to 69%. The remaining 31% are expected to follow in due course.

Malcolm explains: “Video analytics technology make unmanned forecourts a safe, cost-effective and secure alternative to staffing. Cameras rapidly identify specific threats. There’s even talk of cameras being equipped with automatic number plate recognition to prevent uninsured drivers filling up.

“All systems that Farsight have in place are adapted perfectly to the unmanned environment and highlight the abilities of video analytics in high-risk situations.”

Ray Blake, Head of Petroleum from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) says: “Controlling the risks of fire and explosion at unmanned

forecourts operated by our Primary Authority Partners is a high priority. National guidance requires a system that has a two- way voice call point that allows the public to contact the remote monitoring station.

“On top of that, the remote monitoring station must have the ability to control power to the pumps and deactivate them in case of an emergency, to contact the locally based emergency services, and to ensure a competent person attends the site within a few minutes and have a comprehensive set of procedures in place for serious incidents such as a car or person on fire.”


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