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SCREAM LAND Jungle-themed FEC opens in Dominican Republic

Located on the fourth floor of Agora Mall in Santo Domingo, Scream Land is the latest of three family entertainment centres (FECs) in the Dominican Republic operated by the Acego Group. Designed by Forrec, it brings a colourful, jungle-themed environment in which local families can climb, slide, jump and spin to their heart’s content!

cego, which owns the Agora Mall in addition to a broad portfolio of local businesses (see ’Behind the Screams’) already operates two FECs in the Dominican Republic under the Happy Land brand. However, for the new outlet in Santa Domingo (the country’s capital) it decided to target a slightly older demographic than the two to 12-year- olds that make up the bulk of Happy Land’s business. It is also the group’s first FEC to feature rides, rather than inflatables, soft play and ‘edutainment’ components such as role-playing.


“Engaging toddlers and tweens is not an easy feat, but we believe that the blend of rides and activities at Scream Land will captivate toddlers and tweens alike,” says John Plumpton, principal and senior director of entertainment centre design at Forrec. Yet despite its jungle-inspired theme, Scream Land

isn’t all greens, browns and other shades you might expect. Forrec’s design took advantage of abstracted and simplified elements, oversized shapes, bright colours and bold patterns to create an exciting ‘tropical’ experience that has already become a major Santo Domingo attraction. After receiving more than 10,000 guests in the first four days of operation back in August, it is now on course to attract more than 400,000 visitors a year.


Marketing strategy dictated that the project should be phased in over a three-year period in order to give the FEC long-term impact. The first phase contains eight attractions that, like many FEC installations, are mostly by Italian manufacturers. Zamperla supplied a Crazy Surf and 8-car Kite Flyer ride, while from SBF/Visa comes a five-truck Convoy, Midi Dance Party (Frisbee), 12-metre Drop ‘n’ Twist tower and the 11- metre Balloon Wheel. A go-kart track with 18 cars was manufactured by Eurogames, while Ballocity is a three- storey 100-square-metre play area manufactured by Prime Play.

Plumpton notes that, “The client was already quite knowledgeable about what rides and attractions would be appropriate for his target group. Forrec always reviews the client’s demographics, culture and budget when selecting rides, making sure to include a variety of attractions to provide a varied experience. “There weren’t many challenges during installation, except for two things. First, the exterior wall needed extra reinforcing, to make sure it would stand up to tropical hurricane wind forces, and then it was very hard to find enough scissor lifts in the Dominican Republic to help with construction.”

The second phase, scheduled to open soon, will be located on the mall’s mezzanine level. It will feature a 300-square-metre laser tag arena, four compact bowling lanes and 50 arcade games, divided into 75% redemption and 25% video/simulation. This will be capped off by a six-pole Sky Trail ropes course. For the third phase of the project, Forrec has already begun designs for a 250-metre-long SBF/Visa spinning coaster, which will sweep out over the go-kart track. FEBRUARY 2013

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