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Park News

Karacho Tripsdrill to launch new coaster in June

The Fisher family with a model of the planned coaster

The German park Tripsdrill has announced that its new Gerstlauer launch coaster will be called Karacho and open in June. The name, which translates as ‘Pelt’ was chosen as the result of a competition from park fans. Launching from inside a tunnel, the LSM- powered ride will go from 0 to 100km/h in 1.6 seconds and feature 700-metres of track including a 30m-tall ‘top hat’ section and four inversions plus a second tunnel. Using four 8- seater cars with lap bars, it will deliver hourly capacity for up to 960 riders. In keeping with the park’s family-friendly credentials, the height limit will be just 1.25m. Benjamin Fischer, son of owner Helmut Fischer, spent four years researching the ride and sampling other launch coasters in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Europe and Japan before committing to Gerstlauer. Previous park collaborator Emmanuel Mongon of Imaginvest (Paris) has been invited to work on themes for Karacho, which will be Tripsdrill’s fourth coaster.

World’s tallest Star Flyer

confirmed for Gröna Lund To celebrate its 130th anniversary season in 2013, the Swedish amusement park Gröna Lund is to launch the world’s tallest Star Flyer, courtesy of Funtime.

Standing at 121-metres in height (400ft) the SEK50million ($7.9m/€5.8m) attraction), named Eclipse, will be the latest breathtaking ride at the park to overlook the Stockholm waterfront. Already an S&S shot tower, Intamin drop tower and a number of rollercoasters punctuate the park’s skyline.

“Eclipse takes thrills to new heights”, says ride manager Peter Osbeck, “offering guests a 360-degree, bird’s eye view of the capital of Sweden. Not

everyone will dare to ride it, but those who do will admire a fantastic view across Stockholm. Luckily it has double seats, which means you’re not alone up there.” The 24-seater attraction will feature 12 swings that hang on 8m-long (26ft) chains from the star-shaped structure that is winched up and down the ride’s tower. During the ride, passengers will reach speeds of up to 70km/h (43mph) as they turn around and fly out from the tower. The theme chosen for the ride is “Steampunk” – a mix of nineteenth century architecture and science fiction with inspiration from Jules Verne and HG Wells. The new ride is already under construction opposite Gröna Lund’s main stage, where it replaces the Extreme (Mondial Top Scan). The world’s tallest Star Flyer is currently the 110m ride operad by Funtime itself at the Prater in Vienna. FEBRUARY 2013

Over €7 million has been committed to new attractions in 2013 – Tripsdrill’s largest ever investment. As well as the new coaster, a 1,000 sq m play area and a children’s tower ride are also planned. Located in Cleebronn near Stuttgart, the park features charming theming portraying an idealised picture of the local area. The season kicks off on March 23.

Stunt show takes

off at Sea World The Australian marine life park Sea World has taken its Jet Stunt Extreme show to new heights with the inclusion of jet packs propelling its performers up to 8-metres above the water.

Equipped with 200-horse power marine engines that pump water up a 33ft hose at over 1,000 gallons per minute, the Jetllev units are used twice daily in waterborne stunt show. When the water

reaches the ultra-light backpack, it's directed through two nozzles that give enough power to propel the rider into the air at up to 70km/h. Operated by Village Roadshow, Sea World is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Aussie World

adds water play The wonderfully named Australian amusement park Aussie World has opened a new water play area called Leak’n Log. The Sunshine Coast venue has invested over AUS$2 million (US$2m/€1.5m) in this, its fourth new attraction in under two years. Guests will find many unpredictable water surprises including a tin shed feature

simulating a typical Queensland electrical storm complete with thunder, wind, lightning and rain. Features also include a walk-through mist shed sitting underneath a leaky corrugated iron water tank (seen here), random tipping buckets, intermittent and continuous showers, an outback log waterfall and dancing water jets. Located next to the Ettamogah Pub (“the most photographed pub in the world”), Aussie World’s other rides and attractions include the Wild Mouse rollercoaster, Plunge log flume, Space Shaker Swinging Ship, Redback (Zamperla Disk ‘O’), Octopus, Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Dodgems. 13

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