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ParkWord May 2012 Around 15 parks and attractions professionals

from across Europe gathered recently in the north of England as part of an ongoing quest to establish a worldwide standard for the safety of amusement rides and devices. Ranging from representatives of trade associations and amusement parks to ride inspectors and engineers, the people in question were all members of the ISO/TC254 committee’s working group 3, and I was invited to sit in on the first day of their meeting at the offices of Leisure Technical Consultants (LTC) near Manchester. You can read more on page 8 of this issue.

What struck me, apart from what a nice lunch LTC had laid on for delegates, was how committed they were to the cause. That’s perhaps to be expected, as theme parks and other attractions rely on the safe transportation of millions of guests each and every day of the year. In the amusement industry, safety is no laughing matter, and without it there would of course be no industry.

Nevertheless, I was encouraged by the time everyone had given up to formulate what will eventually be the ISO/TC254 N9 guidance document for theme parks, amusement parks, fairgrounds and other visitor attractions worldwide. Just as it’s a thing of wonder that people are willing to forge careers as nurses for the good of our health, I’m also very grateful to those helping to ensure we can continue riding rollercoasters carefree. As legislation varies from country to country, the document will be not become law, and restrictions within the USA will prevent it becoming completely global. Nevertheless, the TC254 committee is in close dialogue with the American ASTM F24 committee, and the guidance is expected to become the most authoritative international work published to date, pooling knowledge and best practice from around the world. Unlike yours truly, who will do anything for a ham sandwich, some people really do earn their lunch.

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