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Polar X-plorer

Zierer at

Legoland Polar X-plorer is Legoland Billund’s fourth Zierer attraction, in addition to the Timber Ride (Tivoli Coaster), Jungle Racers (Jet Ski) and Duplo Airplanes.

In fact, the German

manufacturer has supplied rides to all of the Legoland parks worldwide, including a double Jet Ski (as pictured) at each outlet in Denmark, Germany, the UK and USA. Four of the company’s rides will feature at the new Legoland Malaysia, opening on September 15 near the border with Singapore. These will include The Dragon and Dragon’s Apprentice coasters, Aquazone Wave Racers (Jet Ski) and Lego City Airport (plane ride).

One of those windows faces towards Polar X-plorer, where separate foundations shield the penguins from any vibration as the coaster’s train moves through one of slowest and smoothest sections of the ride. These windows also feature dark one-way glass, so riders can see the penguins but they cannot see you. The other windows look out onto an

amphitheatre, in which the park will present talks on how the penguins live, and a new Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. An audio system within the penguin habitat allows Legoland guests to hear the hungry birds braying to be fed by their keeper, while families can discover even more about the penguins, Polar Regions and conservation in a quiz trail throughout Polar Land.

The design of the new era was overseen by Justin East at Merlin Magic Making (formerly Merlin Studios) and Legoland Billund’s own Tom Christiansen, with theming and rockwork completed by Theming and Animatronics Industries (TAA).

Love Thy Neighbour Whilst Legoland enjoys legendary attraction status in Scandinavia and beyond (one particular Park World reporter was always keen to holiday in Denmark as a child), Billund and the surrounding area still has a very low population.

This is why the construction of 829 holiday chalets at the neighbouring Lalandia FEC/waterpark was welcomed when the development opened in 2009.

Merlin now works together with Lalandia and Givskud Zoo to market the facilities together under the banner of Legoland Billund Resort. “Over the last few years this has allowed us to increase our share of foreign visitors from 35% to over 40% and we now include Norway, Sweden, Germany and Holland within our catchment area,” details Höhrmann.

There’s also 199 rooms available at Hotel

Legoland, a former Esso motel that has been transformed over the years into family-friendly accommodation offering direct access to the park. Fifty of those rooms are now themed following a refurbishment of the property that was used to prototype several features of the new Legoland Hotel at Windsor near London. Whilst Lalandia’s undercover facilities are open year round, Legoland Billund’s CEO says that the weather in Denmark does not permit a 12-month operation at his park, and so the focus remains on optimising capacity during the key July and August holiday period. Since 2005, space has been made for an extra 5,000 hourly guests.

Good things are predicted this season for the grandfather of all Legoland parks and, as optimism slowly returns to the Danish market and Polar Land makes its mark, attendance should exceed last year’s record 1.7 million guests. Plus 17 penguins.

The new Pizza & Pasta Restaurant 26

Children chill out with the penguins!

Zierer’s test vertical drop in the factory MAY 2012

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