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40 l March 2012

broadcastevent UNITED KINGDOM The unusual among the usual

VISITORS to this year’s BVE (Broadcast Video Expo), held at Earls Court 2 from 14-16 February, had a pretty good idea what to expect: on the video side there was the inevitable 3D, while audio offered sound for 3D, IP and, even more inevitably, loudness. But there was enough outside those confines to make a visit not completely predictable. The DSLR (digital single lens

reflex) camera is no longer a novelty for video types but it has posed a challenge in getting good quality sound as its whole reason for being is to reduce budgets through one-person operation. Two leading microphone manufacturers addressed this during the show, although RØDE had the more high-profile launch on the stand of its UK distributor, HHB subsidiary Source Distribution. Making its international

debut, the Stereo VideoMic Pro has a 200º spread, giving a wide pick-up area through its cardioid polar configuration. Alex Theakston, marketing co- ordinator for Source, commented that it has a “clever feature” in its

+20dB gain boost, which solves any problems with low-quality preamps on the camera. Audio-Technica is also

targeting this growing area, with the stereo PRO24 CMF mic being bundled with Nikon DSLRs. The company is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is marketing a selection of special edition microphones to celebrate (see page 52).

15,934 New wireless mics included

Audio Engineering’s additions to the Micron Explorer 100 range, featuring LCD displays for both the TX700B transmitter and SDR550 diversity receiver. The transmitter is thought to be the thinnest on the market and both are due to go into production over the next few months.

Number of unique visitors at the 2012 event

Sony’s push back into pro audio continued with the ECM- FT5 lavalier mic, available in two versions: the BC to be used with the DWX digital wireless range and the BMP for the UWP series. Also on show was the company's nod to the camcorder; the ECM- MS2 XLR stereo mic can be used with XDCAM, NXCAM and HDV ranges as well as DSLR. Raycomhad a new product in

the form of Signal Hound from Test Equipment Plus. This portable USB measurement receiver and spectrum analyser checks available frequency bands before they are used. Larger scale equipment from bigger name companies at BVE tends to have been seen before at IBC and NAB. This year was no exception, with UK launches for the Calrec Audio Artemis Lite and Studer’s 22-fader Vista 5 and OnAir 1500. PRECO showed the Logitek ROC console, designed for control rooms, post- production suites and news areas, while DiGiCo made its first BVE appearance, showing the SD7B, SD10B and SD11B. A combined video and audio

mixer was shown byRoland. The VR-3 has facilities for a four- camera shoot and offers up to eight channels of sound, each with EQ. More specialised manufacturers with supposedly less glamorous wares get overlooked at the bigger shows but BVE is just the right size for people to come across them. There was the MA64 MADI to multi-format

AES converter from 4HM, along with the BOB/O-32 AES-EBU breakout box. MADI also got a look in on the JoeCo stand with the Blackbox BBR64 recorder, while Bel Digital Audio targeted embedded audio with the BM-A2-E16SHD 2U monitor. Audio monitors were shown

by BCD Audio, which has turned its attention to FPGA technology for DSP. Among the new products to use this is the Audio Monitor Unit, while also

of exhibitors have rebooked for 2013


making a debut as a reference system for radio presenters. Reporting and commentary

are two audio mainstays and Glensound had introductions for both. The GS-MPITBU is a rackmount unit incorporating the Broadcaster’s Mobile Phone unit and a digital POTS hybrid. The Express box is a cut-down version of Glensound’s larger commentator units and features two mic positions and basic features. Loudness was probably the

most prevalent audio technology on show during BVE. Among the usual suspects were some newer or less well known names, including Qualis Audio with its surround

Alex Theakston, of HHB subsidiary Source Distribution, with the RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro atop a DSLR

sound monitor featuring loudness and QoE features. Emotion Systems made a splash with the eFF (Emotion File Finish) software program, which works to R128 and ITU-R 1770/1771 but also offers Leq(A), which, explained Emotion Systems chief operating officer Iain Davies, is still used by some broadcasters. The eFF is a file-based, automated loudness analysis and repair system, which has already been licensed to London visual effects house The Mill. This was the last London BVE to be held at Earls Court. Next year it’s over to the ExCeL Centre in Docklands. A quick straw poll shows this is not too unpopular a choice among exhibitors, who feel the venue has improved in recent years. All one can hope is that the Docklands Light Railway is up to the task after the rigours of the Olympics.

Kevin Hilton found microphones and loudness very much in the frame at BVE 2012

Almost 16,000 people visited the 2012 show

Studer's 22- fader Vista 5

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