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10 l March 2012

technologynew products

PSNEuropecompiles this month’s list of hot new products CELESTION


What is it? A 1.4” exit, high- performance Ferrite magnet compression driver (not a UFO!).

Details: With a 3” copper clad aluminium voice coil driving a titanium diaphragm, the CDX14-3060 delivers 75W RMS power handling and 106.5dB sensitivity. The device additionally incorporates a number of advanced features to minimise distortion and enhance overall performance, including Celestion’s patented


What is it? The SATUR-8 provides eight separate ‘saturation’ channels referencing the sound of vintage valve consoles and tape recorders.

Details:SATUR-8 works as an analogue soft limiter and adds low- order harmonics in “an intelligent and musical way”. The unit is said to give a solid and fat sound in the recording, processing and mixing stages. All of the channels are equipped with two knobs: DRIVE (saturation depth) and OUTPUT (output level). Saturation depth is indicated by two LEDs at 4 and 8% THD.

It is also an analogue summing mixer, 8 x 2 with insert point. Each of the eight channels allows panning (L, C, R), and stereo output level is set with a Master pot. AUX input allows users to hook up another SATUR-8 and multiply the number of channels.

And another thing… Looptrotter’s Monster Compressor (released last year) acted as a reference point for SATUR-8 because of its saturation system based on vacuum tubes.

new phase plug design for ultra-low distortion.

The diaphragm itself is deep-drawn (its shape is deeper than those of conventional compression drivers) to increase stiffness, and a rolled polyimide diaphragm surround improves stiffness control; both features effectively lowering distortion.

And another thing… The new phase plug delivers a lower compression ratio, reducing air non-linearity and allowing for higher maximum SPL. It also

provides a curved coherent wavefront at the driver’s exit, thereby optimising the unit for horn-loading.


What is it? The newest product in a line of rugged tabletop hard drives built for production environments.

Details: Based on a 3.5” 7200 RPM hard drive, the GPT50 features a sturdy metal enclosure with an internal power supply and smart fan. The GPT50 is 33% smaller in size than its predecessor making it more portable. The unit is quieter than previous designs thanks to its temperature-controlled fan.

The case is designed with front- panel ventilation holes to draw in cool air while emitting warm air out the back – this is said to ensure component reliability.

The GPT50 uses an industry- standard IEC power cord and pro-quality internal power supply for an efficient and reliable power source. With eSATA, FireWire 800 and

THAT CORP THAT5173 MIPRO MA-100 and MA-303

What is it? A pair of ultra-light, ultra- compact portable wireless PA systems designed for indoor/outdoor use.

Details: With its rechargeable lithium battery, the MA-100 weighs only 1.8kg but delivers 50W output from its built- in Class D amplifier. It can accommodate up to two built-in wireless diversity receivers with 16 preset auto-scannable frequencies and an optional USB player/recorder with LCD screen. Four

configurations are available in terms of number of wireless receivers and optional USB player/recorder and the rear panel line input accepts external iPod, MP3 or CD player.

The design also includes a built-in alarm button for emergencies plus an LED battery indicator to monitor charging and battery status. A shoulder carry strap is included as well as a molded fixed handle and integrated mic adapter for easy transport.

The MA-303 (pictured) is a standup version with the same features as the MA-100, but housed in a larger enclosure with two-way speakers and capable of 60W power output.

And another thing… The built-in lithium battery is capable of providing between 12 and 16 hours of standby time per charge.

What is it? A digital gain controller solution for digitally-controlled audio preamplifier applications.

Details: Accepting full pro- audio signal levels up to +27.5dBu without an input pad, the 5173 is said to maintain exceptional performance over a wide range of gains and signal levels. Thanks to its integrated DC servo amplifier, it provides click-less digital gain control for differential analogue current-feedback preamplifiers. The 5173 is designed to operate seamlessly with the THAT1570 high-performance current-feedback amplifier, THAT's analogue differential microphone preamp. In combination with the 1570, the 5173

operates with supplies from

+/-5V to +/-17V. Its differential output is designed for connection to high-performance, differential- input A-D converters.

And another thing…The 5mm x 5mm 5173 controls gain from 0dB to 60dB in 3dB steps, with low noise and distortion.

USB 2.0 ports, users can transfer data over the fastest interface available on their computer.

And another thing… The GPT50 is available with capacities of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 3TB. A 4TB model will also be available soon.

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