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McGuireWoods LLP has invested signifi cantly in several diversity initiatives in the past few years to improve reten- tion and help in recruiting. Highlights including the fi rm holding a Lawyers of Color Retreat in Chicago, fi lled with interactive sessions to get feedback from its lawyers of color to help in the areas of recruitment and retention. T e fi rm also held a LGBT Lawyers Retreat in Washington D.C. to learn how the fi rm could become more inclusive. Feedback from both of these retreats led to new programs being introduced in 2011, including a travel stipend for each diverse lawyer to use to attend a minority bar conference. One of the most innovative tools that McGuireWoods has developed is its Diversity Directory. T is innovative on-line tool, found on McGuireWoods’ portal, can help diverse and women lawyers locate lawyers in other offi ces with whom they want to develop mentoring or cross-selling relationships, help client-responsible attorneys fi nd diverse and women attorneys in the fi rm’s 19 offi ces to add to client teams and provide a means for LGBT lawyers to self-identify. Technology for this tool was developed by the fi rm’s IT department. T ese are just a few examples of the investments made by McGuireWoods to improve recruitment and retention of diverse lawyers. Quantitative measurements that show these investments are paying off include a year-over-year increase in the number of diverse and women associates and diverse partners recruited to the fi rm, an increase in the retention of diverse and women associates and diverse partners, and increases in the num- ber of female and diverse associates promoted to partner.


T e Fried Frank Partner Advisor Program is an innovative mentoring program that exemplifi es the fi rm’s traditional commitment to the success of each of its attorneys. Key objectives of the fi rm’s diversity strategic plan are to ensure Fried Frank is a place of inclusion, where all attorneys can thrive and reach their full potential, and recommend strategies to prevent barriers to meaningful integration of all attorneys within the fi rm work environment. T e fi rm’s Professional Development and Mentoring Committee,


a subcommittee of the fi rm-wide Diversity Committee, carefully designed and implemented the Partner Advisor Program to provide a formal mentoring structure where partners can further provide the support and guidance associates need to maximize their individual potential while also meeting the aim of maintaining an inclusive work envi- ronment. Fried Frank has developed an enduring, industry best-practice model with a program that has clear objectives, consistent programming, meaningful assignments involv- ing diligent awareness and addressing of issues of concern to diverse attorneys, and eff ective participation tracking, while allowing for structural fl exibility at the practice group level. T e program focuses on specifi c areas where associates should directly benefi t from their participation, including reinforcing the constructive impact of evaluations; manage- ment and delegation; business development skills; client service; and work/life balance issues. T e program features monthly newsletters with professional development topics for discussion by mentoring pairs, as well as a monthly lunch where partners can meet with their assigned associ- ates in a relaxed atmosphere. Program participants also have a budget for meals and coff ee breaks outside the offi ce. In the fi rst year of the program, over 85% of fi rm attorneys in the U.S. offi ces participated, with the majority of associates reporting a high level of satisfaction.


T e goals of ACC’s Delaware Valley Chapter (DELVACCA) Diversity Corporate Internship Program are to provide local law students from racial and ethnic backgrounds, which are traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession, with a perspective as to the role and activities of in-house counsel and an understanding of the usual career path that leads to an in-house legal role. DELVACCA subsidizes the cost of an 8-week summer internship program for local area law students hired by member companies through a competitive selection pro- cess. DELVACCA also hosts an annual reception follow- ing the end of the summer internships, which includes a formal recognition ceremony for the student and company participants. In partnership with the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, DELVACCA launched a new endowment fund to benefi t the internship program this past year. In addition to providing a fundraising vehicle, the goal of


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