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Health & Safety including Dust Control

integrated fully self-contained filter on a flatbed outlet. To ensure dust-free outloading the exhaust fan creates a constant negative pressure in the chute. The exhaust air is cleaned when passing through the filter. The filter itself is dedusted by means of compressed air from the air receiver. For optimizing the loading process, the ventilator capacity can be adjusted with an air regulator, just as the cleaning cycle can be adjusted in the control box.

The loading chute is equipped with 22 modules. The modular construction ensures an easy and quick replacement in case of modification or repairs. The replacements can be carried out with a minimum of downtime as it can be done without dismantling the loading chute. To ensure dust-free outloading into ships the chute outlet is equipped with a heavy duty dust-skirt in order to encapsulate the dust arising when the product is falling onto the peak of the product pile during the loading process. Two capacitive indicators, placed in the chute outlet, signal automatically hoisting of the loading chute as the loading proceeds. Due to the nature of the product the loading chute is provided with explosion proof components in accordance with the ATEX directives.

Mounting the loading chute without the outlet reduces the build-in height with more than 2300 mm which enables it to fit into the installation.

For several occasions, the Norwegian Company Norsk Hydro, a global supplier of aluminium metal and aluminium products, has chosen Cimbria as a supplier for various transport and bulk handling tasks.

At the plant in Aardal, Norway, Norsk Hydro among other things receives and handles coke imported via ships. The coke has the characteristics of being extremely dusty and difficult to handle. It is transported into the warehouse on a belt conveyor and subsequently loaded into the open silos by means of a crane and a loading chute system. In order to control the outloading process in the open silos, Norsk Hydro has mounted infrared indicators in both ends of the warehouse for indication of the pile height in the open silos and subsequently for sending signals to the traverse crane to move on to the next silo. A large filter system was mounted on the traverse crane for aspirating the dust from both the traverse crane and the loading chute underneath the crane. However, the existing filter installation turned out to be insufficient, just as the existing loading chutes were not capable of solving the task to Hydro’s satisfaction. The result was that the dust emission was so heavy that the infrared indicators mentioned above were not able to “see each other” which made correct control of the crane system impossible. Furthermore, Norsk Hydro has a great focus on

environmental issues including the working environment, and they were naturally particular attentive to the heavy dust development as it made it

almost impossible for operational personnel to stay in the warehouse during the loading process.

After approaching Cimbria Bulk Equipment and attending a clarifying meeting, Norsk Hydro was convinced that a Cimbria Moduflex loading chute with integrated filter was the right solution. Consequently, they made the decision to “scrap” the existing filter system, re-build the traverse crane and mount two Moduflex loading chutes of the type V650FF with integrated fully self-contained filter system mounted on the chute outlet head. The loading chutes load 500m³/h of coke and they have extended length on length on approximately 10 meters. The chutes are equipped with internal overlapping steel cones and a special outlet which meets the request for at low built-in height. In order to ensure the dust emitting at a minimum level, the chute is supplied with a heavy duty dust skirt especially designed to encapsulate the dust that arises from the product pile during the outloading process. As an additional safety measure, the chute outlet is supplied with an emergency stop function, which ensures that the loading process stops in case the chute – for some reason – should collide with the silo wall. In addition to this, the chute is as standard provided with a tight- slack wire function, relief wires and safety guard, all for providing safety for man and machinery.

After mounting, the chutes have now been working for approximately two years at Norsk Hydro’s full satisfaction. For more information contact IBIS, UK distributor of Cimbria equipment, on tel: 44(0)1539731900 or visit:


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