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In brief

Major project down under Sandvik Mining and Construction has signed a major contract with Boral Limited, an international Building and Construction materials supplier in Australia. The order includes design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new quarry plant for Boral’s Peppertree site which is situated in New South Wales.

The value of the contract is close to 500 MSEK and the project is expected to start during the third quarter of 2011 and to end in the third quarter of 2013. Boral’s primary purpose of the project is to provide new production and dispatch capability for the supply of coarse and fine aggregates. This material will be used in pre-mixed concrete, concrete products and asphalt production in the greater Sydney region. Sandvik is to supply a full range of screening, crushing and train dispatch equipment.

Accurate weigh

Mass Measuring has recently supplied a totally automated mixer weighing package for installation in a biscuit factory in the Middle East. Weighing mixers have many benefits, including the reduction of associated weighing equipment, minimised headroom requirements and the ability to feed materials sequentially with a mixing cycle in between additions. Mass Measuring’s solution included a 9000kg weigher, and yet accuracy to 50 gms. In this particular application, new flour and sugar holding hoppers, together with vacuum receiving hoppers were supplied and the existing site flour and sugar vacuum distribution lines were modified to allow fully interlocked servicing of both the new and existing systems. Control of these lines is routed through a new control panel, which allows users to select priority servicing in the cased of multiple calls arising. Control of the system is achieved through a PLC with full parameter access and recipe handling included. The system can store multiple individual recipes and all recipes are fully adaptable allowing not only targets to be changed, but also the order of the additional materials.

6 Solids & Bulk Handling • October 2011 Granola mix just right

One of Germany's leading organic food producers, Barnhouse GmbH, is using an Ajax Equipment continuous mixer and batch mixer for production of organic crunchy granola for breakfast cereals for a new Granola process line.

Granola is produced by mixing rolled oats, nuts, and sometimes rice, with oil and honey. The Ajax batch mixer, with ribbon blender, is used to mix the dry cereals which are then transferred to a buffer storage hopper providing a controlled feed to the Ajax twin-paddled, continuous mixer.

The Ajax continuous mixer is designed with multiple entry ports along the length of the mixer for adding syrup and

oil. This allows the mixer to handle a variety of cereals which absorb syrup and oil at different rates by varying the point at which these are added to the cereal blend.

The Ajax batch and continuous mixers are high quality constructions made from 304L stainless steel and designed for hygienic operation. The mixers also provide ease of cleaning in place. “We have used Ajax Equipment mixers for a number of years on various projects. They have always been reliable and performed well; and are particularly well- suited to meeting the exacting standards expected by Barnhouse,” said Neil Reen, managing director, Barnhouse GmbH.

New attraction from Eclipse

Eclipse Magnetics has extended its range with the launch of the Artemis range of metal detectors.

The Artemis range has been designed to ensure maximum product integrity combined with durability and ease of operation. With a robust construction the range features different models to suit a multitude of applications.

Artemis GFR is designed for free-fall or gravity fed systems in applications such as powders or granular product. GFR is available in a variety of widths to suit the required product flow. The Artemis TMDP and TMDC ranges are fully integrated systems designed for conveyor fed lines. Ideal for both packaged and unpackaged products they offer a wide range of different tunnel aperture sizes to suit the application. The Artemis range features the Interact+ control unit. Interact+ is designed for ease of use and comprehensive data analysis. It also has several features for efficient recording, storage and analysis of data e.g.

a memory log for 1000 different events and 240 different product types. Interact + also has a built in learn process to compensate for different product characteristics which may affect performance.

The Artemis range also offers the full range of different reject mechanisms to suit the application. Options such as a diverter flap, air blast system, swing arm and pneumatically activated valves are all available. All the reject mechanisms are designed for accuracy and to minimize product wastage.

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