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“There has been a tremendous change, with more retailers treating games as a category.” A look at India’s rapidly-growing games market p22

Evergreen sales expected for Test Drive Unlimited 2

Long-term future planned for return of Namco Bandai’s long-running racing franchise by James Batchelor

WORD-OF-MOUTH, strong predicted sales and post- launch DLC will make Test Drive Unlimited 2an evergreen success, Namco Bandai says.

The game is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on February 11th and will mark the return of the long-running franchise. Test Drive Unlimited 2 lets fans explore online open world recreations of Ibiza and the first TDU’s Hawaii. The 2006 original was met with critical acclaim and Namco Bandai expects nothing more for its sequel. “Test Drive Unlimited 2is not just a racing game – it’s so much more,” marketing

and PR manager Lee Kirton told MCV. “It’s the long awaited follow-up to a truly exciting world. “We have high hopes for this title. It’s got a great fanbase and good support from Atari and Namco

Lace Mamba recruits 1C for global assault

by James Batchelor

A NEW ALLIANCE has formed between Lace Mamba Global and 1C Company as the latter

the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Benelux markets and Greece. Both publishers are confident that the newest iterations of Men of War

Bandai Partners. This is a key release for us and we intend to make it a success.” Kirton also pledged that the game will be heavily supported after its release. “We are working with

Atari on a long-term DLC

IMAGINE Publishing has bought out its investor and is once again an independent media firm.

readies the latest entries in the Men of Warseries. Lace Mamba Global will

publish MoW: Assault Squadon March 25th and MoW: Vietnamin Q3 2011. The firm will bring the 1C RTS titles to PC gamers in

6 December 3rd 2010

will be as popular as their digital forebears. “We’re looking forward to a fruitful long-term partnership with 1C,” said Lace Mamba’s European MD Jason Codd. Lace Mamba: 01273 202220

The move has put the publisher in good spirits, with MD Damian Butt telling MCV Imagine is on course to celebrate its best year ever. Imagine is responsible for a growing portfolio of 20 magazines, 18 iOS digital editions and 27 websites. When the firm was formed by Damian Butt, Mark Kendrick, Steve Boyd, investor August Equity

This is a key release for us and we intend to make it a big success. Lee Kirton, Namco Bandai

model, which will add to the experience,” he said. “It will be an evergreen title that will hopefully drive word of mouth and invite more gamers to sun it up in Ibiza and Hawaii.”

For a look at the history of the Test Drive series, turn to page 28. Namco Bandai: 020 8222 9700

Sega’s Clark widens remit to include digital distribution by James Batchelor

JOHN CLARK has been appointed as Sega West’s digital distribution director for PC games.

He has been with the firm for almost four years and will take on new responsibilities in addition to his current role of UK managing director. Sega’s digital distribution department for its PC titles is based at its European office in Brentford.

Clark will also aid ongoing development of Sega’s PC games portfolio. Sega: 020 8995 3399

Imagine poised for ‘best year ever’ after buying out investment team

Financiers exit as specialist publisher continues to grow its portfolio by Michael French

provided £7m expansion capital in 2006 to fuel the acquisition of key titles from Highbury and others. But now the team have bought out August’s stake, generating not just twice the investment cash for the VC firm, but also securing independence for Imagine. Butt told MCV: “We gave August a good return in difficult times. It means the ownership of Imagine is now similar to when we first set up the firm. We are extremely pleased with the deal and 2010/2011 will be our best year ever – by some margin.”

2010/2011 will be our best year ever –by some margin.

Damian Butt, Imagine


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