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SAJ MONEY THE 1ORD EIGHTIES, NINETIES, NOUGHTIES The brands, people and technology that have dominated decades. This week: Bizarre Creations

THE RAISING HELL Formed by Martyn Chudley in Derek Hatton’s Liverpool in 1988, Raising Hell Software arrived at a time when life in Britain was, to put it bluntly, fucking rubbish. The golden 8-bit years were in steep decline, and nimble, young independent studios were forced to learn on the job, as the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga finally started to gain traction with the kids. Chudley began working on its debut offering The Killing Floor, alongside fellow Liverpudlians Psygnosis, which had rapidly carved itself a reputation as one of the leading exponents of the 16-bit scene.

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58 December 3rd 2010

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THE PSYGNOSIS YEARS The poor, delicate souls at Sega forced Raising Hell into a name change because it didn’t fancy a Mega Drive game being developed by Satan’s own footsoldiers. Wimps. It wasn’t until Bizarre had a pair of chart-topping Formula Onetitles in ‘96 and ‘97 that Chudley’s crowd became renowned for its racing game prowess. The next step was to get all next gen on our skinny asses and show everyone how a street racing game should be done – the result being the mighty Dreamcast showcase title Metropolis Street Racer, a game which entirely succeeded in making the PSX look a bit shit.

GOTHAM If F1and MSRhad put Bizarre firmly on the map, then Project Gotham Racingwas the series that saw it mushroom into one of the UK’s biggest studios. With four hugely successful Xbox releases under its belt, it smashed through online gaming barriers like a pissed-off Michael Schumacher, and even brought retro gaming bang up to date with the wonderful Geometry Warstitles. But just when things looked like they couldn’t get any better, it all started to unravel. It sold out to Activision, walked away from PGR, and endured the double commercial failure of The Club, and Blur. All the best, Bizarre.

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