when job hunting

urses once combed classifi ed ads in the newspaper to fi nd a job, but 21st-century job seekers use the inter- net to connect with salient positions and employers. Job boards have changed for the better over the years in

terms of navigability and user interface; most are fairly easy to use, and available positions can be found through fi lters, including location, specialty, type of facility and other criteria.

Boards to fi t your needs Niche job boards may be particularly useful to those in certain specialties, such as travel nursing. Since traveling is an idiosyncratic type of nursing with its own peculiarities, fi nding those jobs is best accomplished through niched

posting a profi le on a job board should understand how that board functions and whether keywords are salient to recruit- ers’ searches. If so, profi les should be seeded with keywords that will make the candidate attractive to the right employers. Language is important, and the job board user should put

as much thought into their job board profi les as they do for their resumes and cover letters.

Beyond boards No matter how robust and comprehensive job boards are, nurses should have a multi-pronged job search strategy that includes networking with other healthcare professionals, both online and face to face. In-person networking opportunities

Language is important, and the job board user should put as much thought into their job board profi les as they do for their resumes and cover letters.

platforms. Travel sites may be sponsored by a specifi c travel company and only publish positions under that company’s purview. But some sites feature multiple travel companies, all under the same digital roof. Many generalized job boards exist for nurses seeking a

variety of positions. These sites often allow the applicant to create an online profi le that acts as an ersatz resume. On some sites, recruiters and potential employers can peruse user profi les, contacting nurses who appear to have the skills or experience they’re seeking. Some job boards are not specifi c to nursing, but have a

robust nursing presence. If perusing a non-nursing job board, you may have to dig slightly deeper to fi nd what you’re looking for; then again, such sites tend to be relatively user-friendly and most have simple user interfaces and navigability.

Job board strategies Some recruiters and organizations seek potential candidates on job boards by using search terms and keywords. Job seekers

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include career fairs, local and regional nursing organization gatherings and meetups (both formal and informal), confer- ences, and other places where healthcare professionals gather. Meanwhile, nurses can use online networking platforms

and social media for meeting other like-minded nurses and healthcare professionals, as well as infl uential members of particular organizations and companies. The earnest nurse job seeker also can request informa-

tional interviews with nurse managers, CNOs, and other nurse leaders to learn details and insider information about a particular employer or area of specialization. •

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