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What’s Next? Something new is always happening in the world of robotics. Among the new robots being developed are swarm robots. Swarm robots are small robots that act

together to get a big job done. You might say their motto is “strength in numbers.” Imagine a large area that has been damaged

by a natural disaster. Buildings are destroyed. Trees are toppled. T e area is a disaster. Fleets of hundreds or thousands of swarm robots could search for survivors. T e robots cover an area faster and more completely than rescue workers and search dogs. T e possibilities for swarm robots are

endless. A farmer could send a swarm into a fi eld to inspect crops. Another type of swarm could move through a warehouse to collect goods. A swarm might perform dangerous tasks in mines or clean up oil spills.

Swarm robots can work together to complete a task.

Researchers are even working on microscopic swarm robots that can travel in the human body. Some day, such swarms may be able to destroy cancer cells, repair injuries, and do other medical procedures. T e future of robotics is exciting. Right

now inventors are working nonstop to improve existing robots and invent new ones. What problems will they help solve? Stay tuned!

WORDWISE caregiver robot: a robot that provides care or comfort to patients

humanoid robot: a robot that looks like a human in some ways

robot: a machine that performs tasks independently or imitates human actions

swarm robots: small robots that act together to do a job

technology: the use of science to solve problems or invent useful things


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