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Meet Robear While Paro is meant to be carried by patients, another robot is meant to carry patients. T is robot is called Robear. Robear is the latest in a line of caregiver

robots that help nurses and other caregivers liſt patients. Is that a big deal? You bet it is. People who have trouble standing or

walking may have to be liſt ed from a bed or a wheelchair many times a day. Multiply that by several patients, and you can imagine the strain it puts on a caretaker’s back. T at’s where Robear comes in. Robear is strong but gentle. It liſt s, carries,

Paro looks like a baby seal, but it’s a robot. Paro gives comfort to patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Meet Paro Did you ever have a favorite cuddly toy, like a teddy bear or plush puppy? Maybe when you were feeling down, hugging the toy made you feel a little better. T at’s the idea behind one of the cutest, cuddliest robots ever. Meet Paro! Paro looks just like a baby harp seal. Touch

sensors are located beneath Paro’s fl uff y, white fur and at the ends of its whiskers. T rough the sensors, Paro responds to

petting by moving its tail and fi ns. It also opens and closes its big eyes. Paro also responds to sounds by turning its head. It even makes cute baby seal sounds. All this cuteness is put to good use. Paro

provides comfort and company for patients in hospitals and nursing homes. T is caregiver robot is especially important to elderly patients suff ering from confusion and memory loss. Paro improves their mood, relieves their stress, and helps them communicate with others. Mostly, Paro brings lots of smiles. At the end of a busy day of helping people,

Paro needs to recharge, but the cuteness doesn’t end. T e charger is shaped like a pacifi er! To reenergize, Paro sucks on the pacifi er and closes its eyes to sleep.


and sets down patients that need a helping hand to get around. T is robot helps the elderly or a person with

injuries regain some independence. It gives them the power to move around the house without another person’s help.

Robear is a caregiver robot that can lift and carry patients who need help.

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