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carbureted - not fuel injected - machines! I was angry with myself for not remembering to specify that I needed fuel injection rated hose. This meant removing the fuel tank and air box again to access the hose connec- tion points on the fuel pressure regulator that reside behind the air box. It was just my luck that the dealer didn’t

have fuel injector hose in stock. I drove to the local NAPA store and found fuel injec- tor rated hose with a diameter compatible with the BMW hose. I replaced the gray fuel hose the proper hose, reinstalled the air box and tank, and tried again, but fuel was still spray- ing from underside the tank. I had to remove the fuel tank and air box again! It was time to press the pause but- ton on the project, as I had to fly out of town the next day. About two days

later, I decided to reread the various responses I received to my post on the MOA forum when something hit me across the head like a two-by-four. Lee had said, “The fuel return hose between the Fuel Pressure Regulator and the tank MUST be the factory pre- molded hose, otherwise it WILL kink when the tank is moved forward into position.” I hadn’t used the correct OEM fuel injec-

tion hose and surmised from all the times of removing and reinstalling the fuel tank over the years, I’d compromised the fuel hose where it was supposed to have a built- in bend. I searched eBay and found a NOS (new old stock) OEM hose for about $12. With the proper hose installed, the bike started but ran rough. After consulting the forum, it turned out I’d installed the air box improperly. Lee provided me with the proper way to

install the 90-degree hose that attaches from the air box to the intake air box above

the throttle bodies. If you don’t do it the way I’m about to tell you, you’ll have an air leak and the fuel metering device will get a false reading and cause your bike to not run at all. Lee explains: “If that large 90 degree hose is not properly connected to the ple- num over the throttle bodies, the bike either will not run or run like crap. When con- necting that hose to the plenum, the air fil- ter must be removed. Insure that the screw for the clamp is to the rear of the hose and pointed up for easy access. Use a flat bladed

this because she always ran so good. When I attached my CarbMate throttle balancing tool to the throttle bodies, using the #3 cyl- inder as my reference point (aft on the bike), I discovered the throttle bodies were way out of balance. It didn’t take long to balance them up. I took a second test ride and she ran better than before! With the long Minnesota winter

approaching, I topped off the fuel tank, added a few ounces of STA-BIL, changed the engine oil, oil filter, and the gearbox and final drive oil before covering her up and putting her to bed for the winter. My advice for any

backyard mechanic is to do your home- work before embarking on any repair project. Take things step-by-step and have a Clymer, Haynes or shop manual by your side. Many BMW dealers don’t sup- port older bikes like mine, but the good news is they still

screwdriver with a long shaft to secure the clamp. This explains your difficulty! Before you finish tightening the hose clamp, push the air box lid as high as it will go up against the frame and wiring, as that will be its nor- mal position. If tightened when hanging down against the bottom of the air box, it will have to twist to get to its final position and that would promote cracking.” I’d installed the air filter and then

clamped the lid to the air box and then tried connecting the 90-degree hose but this was incorrect and created air leaks. With the air box properly attached, I pressed the starter button and voila! My K 75 S roared to life and soon was purring like a kitten. I took her for a test ride and rode her

pretty hard. She ran like a jet! The one thing I hadn’t done since owning her was balance the throttle bodies. I’d never thought to do

carry the parts. It’s discouraging when things don’t go as planned and it’s easy to get frustrated; at least once or twice during this service I felt like setting my bike on fire! Seriously, though, when I created a quiet uninterrupted space, things came together. When I got stuck, I found taking a break helped me return to my project with a fresh approach. For those of you who like to do your own

wrenching, the MOA forum is an excellent place to get help from some of the most friendly and experienced BMW mechanics anywhere. I believe our forums to be unde- rutilized by the MOA community and also to be one of the crown jewels of our mem- bership. Additionally, I’ve developed some very solid friendships from the forum. Thanks to all who helped complete this ser- vice - case closed, no more K bike blues!

March 2016 BMW OWNERS NEWS 59

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