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Media Training

Conduct Unbecoming A Sport Ambassador

The importance of good media training and the role of good ambassadorship is QRW KDUG WR À QG LQ WRGD\·V world.

poor examples

There’s a myriad of thrown at

us every day. The latest ex- ample came on a really big stage from the Most Valu- able Player in the National Football League.

much fun you’re having. It’s something I encourage all of our athletes to do. With Cam, I do not see black or white, I see superb talent. I see a kid playing ball in his backyard with his buddies and loving every single min- ute.

We’re all human and we make mistakes. With mis-

Carolina Panthers’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Su- per Bowl 50 was right. The hoodie, the lack of depth in response, the tone—both vo- cal and physical — the walk- RII 12 H[FXVH LV MXVWLÀ HG IRU that kind of behavior from an athlete of that caliber, or frankly an adult for that matter. I’ve seen 18-year-old

the short track speedskat- ing venue on the night eight- time Olympic medalist Apolo Anton Ohno got the Olym- pics started in Torino, Italy back in 2006. Ohno was the story, on the verge of doing historic things, hyped like no other by the NBC promo machine.

But his Games

didn’t start all that glamour- ous. Instead he didn’t medal KLV À UVW HYHQW DQG KH ZDV


Matches won’t always go the way you hope or intend. Doesn’t help to be a crybaby about it. Be the hero who wins in the end and that will be the story; don’t let it be you cry- ing about an opportunity lost.

destroyed. Ohno was miss- ing from the post-race mixed zone and the media were buzzing, so I went into his locker room. He wasn’t go- ing to do the mixed zone that night but I remember telling him distinctly, do this one for all the little Ohno fans out there.

ed. Ohno was miss- Don’t do it for any

I will admit up front that I’m a big Cam supporter. He’s a superb quarterback. I love the joy he plays the game with, the youthful en- thusiasm.

The dabs, the

dances, the footballs to young fans and his charity work – I love it all. He’s great for the game in my opinion. I say if you love something, don’t be afraid to show how

takes, however, comes great opportunity to better our- selves.

There’s a familiar

quote that says, “Learning from your mistakes makes you smart. Learning from other people’s mistakes makes you a genius.” So, let’s learn, shall we. NOTHING that Cam did in his press conference fol- lowing the heavily-favored

54 USA Shooting News | March 2016

kids with one chance at an Olympic dream handle bit- ter disappointment in failing better than Cam. Heck, my 12-year-old basketball team has lost three games by a combined three points, two in overtime, and they could handle themselves better in the same situation. I’ve seen Olympic greats do the same. I was working

other reason than that. Do it because they need to hear from you.

He did it reluc-

tantly and the media settled back down. The world got to hear from their hero and in the end he wound up win- ning three medals and that was the story, not him crying about opportunity lost. No truer example of gath- ering yourself and speaking

By Kevin Neuendorf Director of Media and Public Relations

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