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USA Shooting Introduces New Campaign to Rally Shooting Sports Community

With Rio in Sight, USA

Shooting has launched a brand awareness campaign that it hopes will rally the entire shooting sports com- munity now and in the fu- ture, asking members, fans and enthusiasts to declare shooting as their Olympic sport.

The campaign consists

of a two-phase engagement approach for fans and mem- EHU FOXEV 7KH À UVW SKDVH concentrates on connecting with all shooting sports en- thusiasts by providing them with exclusive content and access, bringing together millions of like-minded in- dividuals to cheer for ONE TEAM. The second phase is working to create greater synergy and enthusiasm within USA Shooting’s mem- ber clubs through a mem- bership drive and engage- ment effort. “This campaign is an

effort to better connect with our shooting sports in- dustry,” said USA Shooting CEO Robert Mitchell. “The Olympic year provides the opportunity to rally around, become engaged and enjoy the Olympic experience. We have a great story to tell with outstanding athletes and proven success worthy of greater recognition.” Accompanying the cam-

paign is a newly-branded “Shooting is My Olympic Sport” logo the organiza-

tion hopes the shooting sports industry will proudly embrace. Created to foster enthusiasm, patriotism and pride among USA Shooting team members, supporters and fans, the overall badge format gives the design a strong and forceful look and feel, while the central circu- lar graphic creates a visual “unity” of the two distinct types of targets used in our sport. This symbolizes the “blending to oneness” among the disciplines and supporters of our sport. Strong, patriotic blue and red colors have been used within the logo, in combina- tion with a steel gray shield. $ KRUL]RQWDO Á DJ VWULS ZUDSV around the badge in a literal and symbolic manner. The two type fonts selected for use in the main badge text are contemporary and invit- ing, with a small touch of a “throwback” tone in a nod to the proud history of the orga- nization. A Rio-focused tag- line – “One Team in 2016”– has also been included below the target graphic, which customizes and fo- cuses the message toward the upcoming Rio Olympic & Paralympic Games. An alternative Paralympic logo has been created as well to help spotlight athletes in the Paralympic discipline. Despite the vast array

of opportunity to compete and showcase skills valued

by gun owners, the gold standard of marksman- ship resides with the USA Shooting Team and their pursuit of Olympic and Paralympic medals. The tenets that have built the shooting sports into what it is today evoke passion, advocacy, nationalistic pride and tradition. There is no greater representa- tive of those values for the shooting sports than the members of Ameri- ca’s Shooting Team. The USA Shooting Team car- ries on the proud tradition of medal-winning success and shooting skill unlike any other country in the world, exemplifying the greatest defense possible for pro- tecting, preserving and pro- moting the shooting sports legacy of this country. Beyond the headlines,

the rhetoric and constitu- tional battles, the common thread among gun enthusi- asts is that they all simply love to shoot.

No matter

your age, sex or ethnicity, our bond is the joy we extract by pulling a trigger whether for sport, competition, meat or simply for fun. Thus declar- ing shooting as your Olympic sport is the unifying mes- sage this year. Representing a sport mis-

understood, underappreci- ated and overlooked, USA Shooting athletes don the Red, White and Blue across

this country and around the globe in pursuit of Olympic and Paralympic glory. This pursuit happens in the shad- ows of a society with a deep- seated professional sports loyalty and an Olympic en- thusiasm with a far greater attraction to swimmers, run- ners and gymnasts. The bottom line is this: Our athletes are the story. Collectively they represent everything that we love about the shooting sports. Their story can’t be told enough and as we cheer them on along their Road to Rio and beyond, we hope the shoot- ing sports community will take the time to recognize what opportunity this next year provides to help change the narrative and to give the gun culture something to be

proud of and stand behind: One Team in 2016. Go USA!

March 2016 | USA Shooting News 9

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