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Will Brown will look to challenge for the Men’s Free Pistol slot at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Smallbore.

Photo by: ISSF

at these Olympic Team Tri- als. Per U.S. Olympic Com- mittee requirements, ath- letes are required to be ranked in any event in which a country holds a quota. 6KRXOG D PDOH ULÁ H DWKOHWH earn a double start in Three- 3RVLWLRQ DQG DQRWKHU

at these eam T ULÁ H

event, a Team slot for Men’s 7KUHH 3RVLWLRQ 5LÁ H PD\ EH come available.


petitors will be in the Wom- HQ·V 7KUHH 3RVLWLRQ 5LÁ H competition with 16 athletes vying for one slot. 2012 Olympians Amanda Furrer (Spokane, Washington) and Sarah Scherer (Woburn, Massachusetts) will look to earn a slot to a second Olympic Games. Though Scherer has been sidelined for nearly two years with two back surgeries that nearly

forced her out of the sport, she made a

Cup com 0DU in

orced her out of the spor she made a strong return to World Cup competition LQ 0DUFK LQ %DQJNRN À Q ishing in seventh place in 7KUHH 3RVLWLRQ 5LÁ H

enth place in

Look for National Champi- on Sarah Beard (Danville, In- GLDQD ² ZKR DOVR À QLVKHG LQ fourth place at the Bangkok World Cup, along with coun- try quota winner Amy So- wash (Richmond, Kentucky) and

newly-crowned NCAA

Air and Smallbore National Champion Virginia Thrasher 6SULQJÀ HOG 9LUJLQLD


be strong competitors in this competition.

On the Pistol side, expect

very close competition in all of the smallbore disci- plines. Though Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol has the smallest À HOG RI FRPSHWLWRUV IRXU LW is the only Pistol event with two country quotas available and perhaps the tightest competition. With Sander- son having already punched his ticket to Rio, look for

2015 Pan American Games gold medalist Brad Balsley (Uniontown, Pennsylvania/ 86$08 DQG À YH WLPH 2O\P pian Emil Milev (Temple Ter- race, Florida) to square off for the remaining Team slot. In Women’s Sport Pistol,

2012 Olympian and 2015 Pan American Games silver medalist Sandra Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Alabama) will make her return to compe- tition since the Pan Ameri- can Games after severely injuring her shooting hand last fall. National Champion and 2008 Olympian Brenda 6LOYD 6QRZÁ DNH $UL]RQD shot world-class scores at the Pan American Games, WKRXJK VKH À QLVKHG LQ VL[WK place overall. Though James Hender- son (Midland, Georgia/US- AMU) earned the country quota for Men’s Free Pistol ZLWK KLV IRXUWK SODFH À QLVK at the 2015 World Cup USA, he may be facing the tough- HVW À HOG RI FRPSHWLWRUV IRU

the Team slot against three Olympians in Brian Beaman (Selby, South Dakota), Nick Mowrer (Butte, Montana) and Jason Turner (Roches- ter, New York). Another con- tender is rising star and Air Pistol specialist Will Brown (Twin Falls, Idaho), who most UHFHQWO\ À QLVKHG D SRLQW out the Finals at World Cup %DQJNRN DQG À QLVKHG IRXUWK at the 2015 Munich World Cup.

Pre-event training starts April 1 with competition starting April 2 in Men’s 3URQH 5LÁ H :RPHQ·V 7KUHH 3RVLWLRQ 5LÁ H DQG 0HQ·V )UHH Pistol. A complete schedule of the event can be found at

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