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‘Living Lutheran’ I am enjoying this new format of Living Lutheran. Just the title speaks to what we formerly spoke of in the church as “ministry in daily living.” We are not just Lutheran, we live Lutheran within our baptismal covenant and call. Thank you. And thank you, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, for the sound and faithful leadership of our communion of

saints (April, page 50). The Rev. Becky Senner Bridgewater, S.D.

Good poetry Congratulations on the new look and name. A while back, I was chagrined to find out that [the magazine] does not publish poetry. I hope Living Lutheran will change that policy. I noticed that “Reflection” (April, page 20) by the Rev. Kwame Pitts bears a striking resemblance to poetry, and very

good poetry at that. Lewis Bosworth Madison, Wis.

Fabric of faith Thank you, the Rev. Peter Marty, for your article titled “Sin” (March, page 3). My Wednesday midweek Lenten theme this year was “Fabric of Faith.” Each week I focused on a different fabric and related it to our lives of faith. The weeks included burlap, swaddling

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cloths, Joseph’s colorful coat, Jesus’ garment and Jesus’ tunic. In searching for an appropriate way to “wrap up” the series, your article was especially timely and provided me with the perfect way to conclude the series “Fabric of Faith: God” in which I focused on your description of God’s action as “God the launderer” using verses from Psalm 51 and Romans 7. It was a wonderful springboard into Palm/ Passion Sunday and Holy Week.

Thanks again for your inspiration. The Rev. Julie Long Broadus, Mont.

Quest for clean water I am glad for a copy of Living Lutheran, especially “Deeper understandings” (April, page 42) by Mark Brocker and Rachel Brocker Langford. I have had an abiding concern for clean water. I pay attention to any articles about water, i.e., Flint, Mich., with lead in

its water. Stephen Bomgren Hines, Minn.

Gender equity As a devoted reader and mother of a daughter who is a graduate of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., I read “Women clergy thankful for gains, frustrated by leadership gap” (March, page 30) with interest. I also noted that as this publication prepares for some

On the cover Steve Nahn, a member of Geneva (Ill.) Lutheran Church, lives out his faith as an physicist at Fermilab outside of Chicago. Photo by Ocken Photography.

14 Vocation: From worship to the world 26 Beware the Lutherans! 31 Aunt Helen baptized at 100 32 Hungry in college cover.indd 1 4/8/16 2:19 PM

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6 MAY 2016

exciting revamping of both style and content, the staff signatures in “Editor notes” (March, page 4) indicate a nine-person staff—all women. I’m confident that these women will guide this publication with committed professionalism, but I also note a certain irony in this staff imbalance. Gender equity is the right goal for our church, but reaching that goalpost is tough

indeed. Carol Tyler Decatur, Ill.

A letter on ‘Letters’ It looks as if [Living Lutheran] has an interesting range of news and articles to continue the excellent editorial tradition. Thanks. I say “looks as if” because I found much of it almost unreadable. I hope the extremely light colored font on the “Letters” page (April, page 6) was a printer mistake. The Rev. Ann Larson Essex, Vt.

Editor’s note: Living Lutheran received many responses regarding the design (especially fonts) and is making adjustments in this and future issues.

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Living Lutheran magazine belongs to the people of the ELCA in all our diversity. The magazine:

• Nurtures awareness of Christ’s presence in our lives and the world.

• Shares stories of God’s people living their faith. • Connects us with the global Christian community. • Provides an open forum for discussion. • Challenges us to bring God’s grace and care to all.


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