SPONSORED CONTENT PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT SciVal, for your research management needs

From researchers searching for collaboration partners to academic research leaders and government agencies evaluating research impact, SciVal is the tool of choice for hundreds of academic, business and government customers worldwide. SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 7,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide. A ready-to-use solution with unparalleled power and flexibility, SciVal enables you to visualize research performance, benchmark your institution relative to your peers, develop

collaborative partnerships and analyze research trends. SciVal uses advanced supercomputer technology to calculate more than 170 trillion metric values and generate meaningful data visualizations on-demand, in seconds. For research administrators, SciVal helps you assess the performance of your researchers and groups relative to peers and conduct scenario modelling for recruitment and retention decisions. For researchers and senior academic staff, you can use SciVal to highlight the impact of your research for

assessment and funding purposes, track collaboration patterns and seek out new partners for research projects. Government & funding agencies can use SciVal to evaluate the impact of the research produced by the scientists and institutions that you fund. For corporate users in R&D, SciVal can help you find ideal technology partners, locate experts in niche fields and stay ahead of the competition. SciVal is part of the Elsevier Research Intelligence portfolio of tools and services that includes Scopus data, the Pure system,

rich data assets, and custom Analytical Services. Elsevier Research Intelligence offers innovative solutions that improve both an institution’s and an individual’s ability to establish, execute and evaluate research strategy and performance.

l For more information contact Shereen Hanafi Marketing Director, Elsevier Research Intelligence

RightsLink® Delivering Value-Added Author Services

RightsLink® from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a robust web-based service designed to assist publishers in the collection and management of article processing charges (APCs) and other author or publication-related fees. With the ability to integrate seamlessly into production and editorial workflows, including the leading manuscript management system providers, CCC’s platform streamlines the entire author fee transaction for Open Access, page, color, publication charges, author reprints,

submission charges and more. Publishers are able to leverage this platform to offer their authors value-added services at any stage of the production workflow. Powered by sophisticated rules and a robust pricing engine, RightsLink offers publishers flexible pricing and discount capabilities that facilitate customization, such as institution-specific pricing, membership discounts, geographically- or funder-aware discounts, and deposit or drawdown account support.

At every step, RightsLink helps to ensure

that critical research gets published as quickly as possible. Publishers can provide a best-in-class customer experience for their authors; implement agile business rules; reinforce their brand; and access important transaction data for use internally or externally. Ongoing product development for RightsLink is informed by regular user groups, roundtables, thought leadership panels and market feedback from customers and partners whose mission it is

to deliver high-quality author services. Copyright Clearance Center has over 35 years of experience working with rightsholders and is globally recognized as a trusted partner within the publishing and author communities. Learn how CCC can help publishers gain the flexibility, scalability and predictability needed to address the challenges of collecting author fees.

l rightslinkauthorservices

RCNi Learning – Helping nursing students bridge the gap between theory and practice

RCNi Learning is a brand new interactive online learning resource designed to help nursing students prepare for clinical practice. It consists of 135 modules (which will grow to 185 in the next month), covering 43 topics including communication, cancer, acute care, wound care, mental health and many more.

RCNi Learning is accredited by Royal College of Nursing for both module

content and functionality. This means it has been subjected to a rigorous quality assessment process to ensure it meets RCN’s standards of excellence and has been deemed to promote best practice, provide effective education outcomes and improve patient care.

All RCNi Learning modules are peer- reviewed and evidence-based to provide the most authoritative and up to date information on best practice. A simple

to use interface lets students complete relevant learning modules with ease, while a mobile app means content is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

Designed with the end user in mind, RCNi Learning is highly interactive and consists of features and functionality that engage the student and facilitate learning. This includes podcasts, images, case studies, tests with

rationales for correct and incorrect answers and time-out exercises. RCNi Learning can be integrated with existing LMSs and institutional users are able to access the platform using single-sign-on via Shibboleth/ Athens.

l For more information please email or visit


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