Easy Access with C.K tools MightyRods Toolbox Set F

ollowing on from the success of its pioneering range of next generation MightyRods PRO Cable Rods, C.K has launched the

new C.K MightyRods PRO Toolbox Set 3.3m (T5419). A compact handy toolbag size, offering efficient cable installation in confined spaces, the new MightyRods PRO Toolbox Set also has the added benefit of 100% splinterproof rods, thanks to their unique SplinterShieldTM coating. Supplied in a storage tube sized to fit most tool boxes and

Bluetooth Network Controls

control lighting without the need for any wiring between the controls and the luminaires.


Any number of Casambi-enabled luminaires and controls in a building will automatically form a mesh network, and the Casambi app can be used to quickly and simply set up any required control system.

This has major advantages in cost, ease of installation and flexibility.

Casambi networks are both reliable and secure, and devices can be added or taken away at any time. They can also be integrated with existing DALI or 1-10VDC systems.

DANLERS  01249 443377 

ANLERS’ range of “Casambi-enabled” occupancy detectors use Bluetooth Low Energy communication to

bags, the set is easily transported and includes: 10 x 3cm rods, which, when combined, creates a total length of 3.3m, offering a convenient and robust alternative to carrying full length rods. The 6mm rods feature SplinterSHIELD, a significant

advancement in cable rod technology and a European first, the durable, 100 per cent splinterproof coating fully encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent harmful and painful splintering.

C.K Tools  01758 704704

Down to earth solution from Unicrimp U

nicrimp’s latest new product development activity sees the company enter a brand new product category with

the launch of a range of earthing rods and component products. Earth Rods, or Earth Electrodes, are conductive metal poles buried directly into the ground and connected to the Earth circuit of an electrical installation. If there is a fault, they provide a low resistance path that allows electricity to safely dissipate out into the ground. An effective earthing system is a fundamental

requirement of any modern structure or system for both operational and safety reasons. Without such a system, the safety of a structure, the equipment contained within it and its occupants are compromised. There is a growing need for improved reliable earthing as current infrastructure is ageing and deteriorating and

the increased use of plastics within incoming services is reducing earthing possibilities. A four-page brochure, showing the full range, is available to download from the Unicrimp website


ortech, UK specialists in long-range identification solutions, launched and

provided live demonstrations of Nedap’s next generation of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera at this year’s Parkex. The ANPR Access V2 short-range keeps up with the rapid growing demand for effective number-plate reading. It is purposely designed for vehicle access control applications whilst ensuring customers benefit from the latest developments in ANPR technology. The ANPR Access V2 was also selected

by the Parkex 2019 panel of industry experts as one of 10 prime examples of cutting-edge innovations that have emerged within the market in the last 12 months. In a relatively short period of time, number-plate recognition technology for vehicle access control has become very popular. Nedap’s ANPR cameras identify vehicles by capturing their number plates, making it the perfect solution for applications where it is undesirable or not possible to issue (RFID) tags. It is ideal in situations where vehicles need to be granted continual or temporary access to a site such as in employee or visitor parking applications. The ANPR Access V2 supersedes Nedap’s ANPR Access offering better performance, power over Ethernet, built in Wiegand modes and it now has 28 European libraries preloaded by

default. Furthermore, it is still fully backwards compatible with existing installations. This new camera can also easily integrate with any third party security, parking and traffic management systems by accessing the built-in Wiegand options. The ANPR Access V2 cameras take the effectiveness of using ANPR for vehicle access control to the next level. Its available options for configuration and interfacing have been

enhanced and extended, making ANPR now a viable option for installations all over the world, including the Pacific and the USA. Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to

create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind. Nortech


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