A new range of site lighting has been created in partnership with industry professionals by lighting company, Luceco

he range of 110V site lights have been developed based on feedback

from those using similar products across a wide range of environments. The new work lights further expand

Luceco’s lighting options, joining an already broad range of lighting products aimed towards the day-to-day tradesperson. One product in the range is the Open

Area Work Light; this portable dynamic light consists of three individual LED light bars, producing a total output of 3600 lumens. Arranged in a single column on a

foldable tripod, the light bars can be easily manoeuvred on site, allowing light to be distributed in either a 360 or 180 degree arc, offering a complete solution for many on site tasks. Available from April 2019, the range

provides a variety of site lighting options. All the lights are certified to a minimum IP rating of IP44, however, the bulk of the fittings are tested to IP65, with the plug being IP44.

COMPETITIVE Craig Wood, LED product manager at Luceco, says: “We wanted to offer the UK market a competitive and comprehensive site lighting range that addresses the needs of those using them. As part of the design process, we worked with tradespeople operating across different sectors and we feel we’ve really been able to create a range of products that will help boost users’ lighting options. We listened to them and developed a clear understanding of where the lights would be used; in remote

environments, such as rural developments, and designed the range accordingly.”

TRIPODS The range is completed by a number of tripod work lights. It includes options for single or twin heads, a plasterer’s work light, festoon kit, a portable work light and non-corrosives in both two foot and five foot. All lights in the range come complete with 110V plugs and cable, meeting current standards. Luceco’s 110V site offering is backed up by its current rechargeable Work Light and Inspection Torch range, which offer tradespeople

comprehensive task lighting solutions. Luceco NHS OPTS FOR LED LIGHTING

Energys Group has been selected to deliver LED lighting upgrades at a number of NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts


ased in West Sussex, Energys Group won the projects, which includes the

supply and installation of LED technology, through a competitive tender process. The company is approved by the Essentia Framework (for NHS LED lighting) and is also an approved supplier under the YPO Framework. Both frameworks provide a free service to NHS Trusts to support the entire process from bidding for the grant monies, through tendering the work and delivery of the solution.

FUNDING The funding for the LED upgrades has been made available by NHS Improvement, which is set to inject up to£46m of public dividend capital (PDC) to the NHS Energy Efficiency Fund (NEEF) in a bid to drive direct energy efficiency in the NHS. The NHS’s estates teams are

motivated by multiple drivers for the lighting upgrades; LED lighting will provide better quality lighting for both patients and staff, as well as reducing maintenance and energy costs, and cutting carbon. Kevin Cox, managing director at Energys

Group comments: “The NHS faces a sizable challenge if it is to meet its carbon

reduction targets. We are delighted to be part of the solution. Our company has already proven it is capable of handling large-scale multi-site lighting projects. We believe this experience is why we have now been selected by several NHS trusts to help reduce their carbon and energy bills as well as deliver a cut to maintenance costs.”

INVESTMENT “It is important to note that this kind of investment in NHS built infrastructure frees-up much-needed funds which can be put directly back into front line services”, says Cox. Energys Group is already a major supplier to the public sector with an installed base that includes the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, hundreds of schools and colleges, and many publicly-owned buildings.

Energys Group



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