Manufacturer and installer of energy efficient lighting solutions, Ecolighting UK, is supporting a leading training provider to the logistics and automotive sectors

ased in Manchester, Mantra Learning has been offering learning and skills

programmes for over 50 years. Over the last three years, Mantra’s Job Gym has trained more than 2,600 unemployed people and helped over 1,100 of them to secure employment. Mantra Learning is also the founder of the National Logistics Academy, a network of 30 specialist providers delivering apprenticeships and training to logistics companies nationwide. Steve Gardner, managing director at

Ecolighting UK, comments: “We are proud to have supported such an amazing organisation. The facility is extremely impressive and we see this as a sound investment for Ecolighting, and a huge opportunity to show the logistics world the products and services we have to offer.” Mark Currie, CEO of Mantra Learning,

comments: “Ecolighting have been a pleasure to work with and have fitted our huge site with energy efficient and effective LED lighting. The new lights were fitted in our new facility for reverse logistics and are a nice clean white, are sensitive to movement, easy to maintain and can be moved around if necessary.

He continues: “Outside the building we

also had our street lighting updated. The lights we had in place were very ineffective, and despite an installation issue everything was great. The team of engineers kept us informed of everything that was going on so when a problem did arise, I knew exactly what was happening.”

INSTALLATION Chosen for the installation at the Mantra Learning site are the Pegasus LED, Sapphire LED and LED ceiling panel luminaires, as well as the Medusa LED streetlight. Pegasus from Ecolighting is an LED high bay luminaire and one of the


LIMITATIONS TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced a new compact connectivity solution for street lighting with LED light sources


E´s LUMAWISE Endurance S module consists of a standardised interface between the receptacle and module base or sealing cap. It uses an integrated single gasket that can accommodate and seal both luminaire and module using the same connection interface for either 40mm or 80mm diameter central management systems. The company says that central

management systems offer more control, better programming and higher efficiencies for LED lighting systems. The LUMAWISE Endurance S module offers


flexibility in luminaire design and street lighting architecture. The system is field upgradeable, making it possible to simply and quickly upgrade existing luminaires. Specifically for outdoor LED light sources and drivers, LUMAWISE Endurance S has been designed to meet Zhaga Book 18 specifications for outdoor lighting control systems. Installation is easy due to its simple push-and-twist lock feature which does not require any tools and can be completed using one hand. The module can also be mounted in any direction. Modules can be exchanged and upgraded

company’s most popular light fittings. Installed through the site’s warehouse, the Pegasus is encased in a robust yet lightweight aluminium body and uses an Osram driver and Osram LEDs giving 166 lumens per watt and up to 80 per cent energy saving in installations. For the site’s mezzanine area, the Sapphire luminaire was chosen. Sapphire features high output chip-on- board LEDs and Osram driver encased in a linear body with a polycarbonate diffuser, all rated IP54. All of the offices, toilets and corridors

are fitted with indoor LED ceiling panel luminaires. The panel LED ensures energy savings of up to 50 per cent compared to conventional luminaires and is designed with a very slim aluminium housing and matt white frame.

Fitted outside to cover Mantra Learning’s 4.5 acre site, the Medusa LED streetlight is projected to save the business 55.3 per cent per year in energy savings. By using top quality LEDs in Medusa, Ecolighting ensures high thermal conductivity, minimal light decay, pure light, very stable performance and a 50,000-hour lifespan.


in only a few seconds without having to electrically isolate the lighting pole. LUMAWISE Endurance S was co-

developed with several partners to ensure a complete system is available, including application specific drivers and control nodes. TE also collaborated with the Zhaga Consortium, a global lighting- industry organisation that standardises components of LED luminaires. “The development of this new module

was a collaborative process with the Zhaga Consortium,” says Jonathan Catchpole, system architect at TE Connectivity. “The focus of developing the new

specification, Book 18, was to demonstrate the potential of new architecture and new functionalities which can create value for developers, installers and users of outdoor lighting. With an increased use of LED in outdoor applications comes a growing need for control of the LED for efficiency, maintenance and cost savings.”

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