Need to Know News for the 2021 Competition Season

USDF Adds Regional Schooling Show Awards

Te US Dressage Federation has launched a new awards program specifically for re- gional organizations that offer schooling shows. Te program is meant to highlight success in dressage at the schooling

show level within USDF group members. Riders must have a USDF Group Membership that is recorded by the Group Member Organi- zation at the time each score is earned. Scores can be earned in any USDF region from Decem- ber 1 through November 30. Owners must have at least a USDF non-member number and the horse must have at least a USDF horse identifi- cation number at the time scores are earned. Riders can change division status during the

program year as the rider’s status will be deter- mined at the end of the program year. It is up to the rider to submit scores to USDF online no later than 21 calendar days after the last day of each competition. Tere is a yearly nomination fee of $35 per

horse/rider combination. USDF has broken the awards program into

four divisions and seven levels. Divisions in- clude Open, Junior/Young Rider, Adult Ama- teur and Non-Professional. Te levels of com- petition are Introductory, (which is only open to Junior/Young Rider, Adult Amateur and Non-Professional divisions), Training, First, Second, Tird, Fourth and FEI. Te FEI level combines Prix St. Georges, Intermediate I, In- termediate II and Grand Prix scores. Here in Maryland, the Potomac Valley Dres-

sage Association has signed on to the program by nominating many of its schooling shows for 2021. For more information and to register, please

visit and search for “USDF 2021 Re- gional Schooling Show Awards Program Rules.”

USHJA Approves Various Rule Changes

Te US Hunter Jumper Association pub- lished a list of key rule changes that were dis- cussed and approved at its annual meeting, held December 11, 2020. Te rule changes that were approved and are in effect for the 2021 season: 1. Mules are now allowed to compete in Jumper divisions. 2. Earbuds are now prohibited in any area designated for schooling and exercise. 3. Jumper classes will be limited per section

per day in the interest of horse welfare. 4. A new Jumper and Equitation English and

corresponding metric fence height chart for Hunter class cross entry and eligibility was created. 5. Amateur Owners have been removed from

the Jumper sections leaving only Amateurs. A separate year-end award will still be available for recorded owners. For more information and a complete 2021 rulebook, please visit

New Modified Classic Division Te “Classic Tree-Day Event” is a series of

events that follow the original “long” format of eventing with dressage, followed by roads and tracks and cross-country, and finishing with show jumping. Previously, the US Eventing Association held a Classic Series for the Nov- ice, Training and Preliminary levels. For 2021, it has added Modified. Te Modified level was first introduced in 2017 to bridge the gap between the Training and Preliminary levels. In 2020, the new CCI* was added to give an FEI equivalent to the na- tional Modified level. As of press, the only events in the country to

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March 14: FMF JEL/NCSSEL/NCEL Finale March 28: Adult Team Invitational April 25: FMF Starter HT May 23: FMF Farm Family Insurance Jackalope Enterprises Horse Show #1

June 6: FMF Farm Family Insurance Jackalope Enterprises Horse Show #2

June 21-25: FMF 1/4 star & Clinics Our starter event & unrecognized 3-Day Event offer something for everyone. Our educational courses are designed so that you and your horse have a confi dence-boosting experience.

July 18: FMF Aloha Horse Trials July 25: FMF Farm Family Insurance Jackalope Enterprises Show #3 August 9: FMF Show Team Tryouts August 22: FMF Farm Family Insurance Jackalope Enterprises Show #4 September 12: FMF Farm Family Insurance Jackalope Enterprises Show #5 October 16: FMF Hallowen Trunk or Treat event

Summer Camp at Full Moon: June 28 - July 2 • July 26 - 30 • Aug 23 - 27 • See for more information •

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(Includes Traditional—Western/Gaited Dressage)

April 11 • May 1 • June 6 June 26 • July 10 • August 8 August 29 • Sept 12 • Sept 26 Oct 17 • Oct 31

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• MDA memberships include a USDF/GMO membership

• Satisfying the GMO Requirements for USDF award programs. • Jr/YR, Senior, Family and Lifetime memberships available.

• Be a Member of MDA qualify for Year end Awards Schooling Shows

•MDA participates in the USDF Regional Schooling Show Program and will be participating in the Western Dressage Horse Lifetime points Awards Program

800-244-9580 |

officially add this level are the Spokane Sport Horse Farm Fall Horse Trials in Washington and the Waredaca Classic Tree-Day Event and Horse Trials here in Maryland. Te Waredaca event will be held October 22-24 in Laytonsville. Details on how to qualify for this event and the specifications for each phase of the Classic can be found on

USHJA Outreach Program Updates Te US Hunter Jumper Association an-

nounced last December several changes to its USHJA Outreach program for the 2021 cal- endar year. Te USHJA Outreach program was created to provide members an opportunity to earn national recognition and awards for com- peting at the local and unrecognized events. For this season, Outreach classes have been

broken into three categories: Outreach classes held within an unrecognized show, Outreach classes held as a standalone competition, and Outreach classes held in conjunction with a USEF-rated competition. Tere is now an added point tracking for hors-

es and trainers in addition to an adjusted flat point scale. Competitors can also trade points in towards year-end awards including ribbons, stall signs and other USHJA merchandise. In addition, members can earn Certificates of Merit throughout the year. Te highest placed Gold Level Certificate of Merit rider from each Zone will earn a Golden Backstage Pass for 2021, which gives them the opportunity to attend the USHJA National Championships and compete in the Affiliate Championships. Te program has also added a High Point

Trainer award for 2021. Te Jumper section has been expanded to include O.60m to 1.20m fence heights. A Hunter Walk/Trot Poles class has been added to the Hunter class offerings.

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