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American Trails Executive Committee

John Favro, Chair, TrailsGuy, LLC Trails Consulting Jenny Rigby, Vice-Chair, The Acorn Group Marianne Fowler, 2nd Vice-Chair, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Terry Hanson, Treasurer, Terry Hanson Trails Consulting Amy Camp, Secretary, Community Tourism Professional Mike Passo, Assistant Officer, Professional Trailbuilders Association

Scott Linnenburger, Assistant Officer, Kay-Linn Enterprises Bob Searns, Emeritus, The Greenway Team, Inc. Pam Gluck, Executive Director


Roger Bell, Trails Consultant Terry Durby, Iowa State Snowmobile Association Jan Hancock, Equestrian Representative David W. Larsen, Atkins - Planning/Landscape Arch. Karen Umphress, NOHVCC Terry Whaley, Ozark Greenways

Advisory Board

Steve Anderson, Pima County (AZ) Parks & Rec. Dept. Peter Axelson, Beneficial Designs, Inc. Nathan Caldwell, US Fish & Wildlife Service James Coffman, RLA, ASLA, Coffman Studio John R. Collins, Jr., PhD, University of North Texas Christopher Douwes, Rec. Trails Program Mgr., FHWA Troy Duffin, President, Alpine Trails, Inc. Steve Elkinton, Retired, National Park Service Mylon Filkins, DVM, Back Country Horsemen of America Chuck Flink, President/Owner, Greenways Inc. Erik Larsen, President, Rec-Creation, LLC Kay Lloyd, Past Chair, American Trails Board Stuart Macdonald, Nat’l Assn. State Trail Administrators Roger Moore, Associate Professor, NC State University Gil Penalosa, 8-80 Cities Deb Salt, Bureau of Land Management Rodger Schmitt, Retired, Bureau of Land Management Michael Schuett, Assistant Professor, Texas A & M Jonathan Stephens, Trails Program Mgr., US Forest Service Joe Taylor, Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau Jim Wood, FL Department of Transportation

American Trails Magazine

American Trails Magazine (ISSN 1082-8303) is the maga- zine of American Trails, the nonprofit organization dedicat- ed to quality trails and greenways within 15 minutes of every American home, school, and workplace. Editor: Stuart H. Macdonald

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4 SPRING 2015

From the Executive Director Welcoming the World to Portland O

ne of the most important changes during my years of serving with American Trails has been our embracing of the whole world of trails. Call it “trails without borders,” if you like, but we believe that our current efforts to find common ground among advo- cates across the globe are essential to the future of trails. The whole point of trails is to bring us closer together— and closer to the natural world that nurtures our spirits, whatever our beliefs, our culture, our religion. At the same time, environmental- friendly tourism is becoming more essential to world economies. In recent years American Trails Magazine has featured trails from such diverse countries as Turkey, Korea, Tibet, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Japan. We find trails are created and interpreted in the light of our own diverse experiences. As a result, there is so much to be learned from the pathways, bikeways, and riverways of other parts of the world. We’ll continue to bring you ideas and examples of trails from other countries. Some of these you’ll find highlighted as programs at the American Trails International Trails Symposium (see page 18). Many of the presenters were helped to attend by the International Scholarships program. American Trails is also a partner and supporter of the World

Trails Network. This is an important effort to link organizations in support of trails around the world, sharing information on sustain- able development of trails and tourism. Read more about trails in many countries at our International Trails Gateway: www. The heart of the American Trails mission is promoting communi- cation among all trail interests. We are stronger and more effective together, and the Symposium is the perfect way for the worldwide trails community to share success stories and lessons learned. The Symposium will also be the venue for the International

Trails Awards. As we celebrate trails around the world we hope you will join us in this spirit of camaraderie during the Symposium.

— Pam Gluck, Executive Director, American Trails Identification Statement

Publication's title and number: American Trails Magazine (ISSN 1082-8303) Issue date: April 30, 2015 Statement of frequency: Published three times a year Authorized organization's name, address, phone number: American Trails, P.O. Box 491797, Redding, CA 96049-1797 Physical Address: 2400 Washington Ave., Suite 400 Redding, CA 96001 - Phone (530) 605-4395 Issue Number: Volume 44 Number 2 Subscription price: $30 per year or free with membership

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