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Trails Fair and Symposium kick-off event is free and open to the public Sunday, May 17 noon to 5 p.m.

2015 American Trails

Awards Program American Trails presents the 2015 National and International Trails Awards Program to recognize the tremendous contributions of volunteers, profession- als, and other leaders who are working for the betterment of trails both nation- ally and internationally. We are excited to introduce a few new categories this year and have REI as the sponsor of the 2015 Awards Banquet.

The 2015 Award categories are:

                

International Award categories:

  

Join us Tuesday, May 19 to congrat- ulate all of the worthy award recipients. Tickets are still available for purchase in advance of the banquet.

Learn more about the 2015 American Trails National and International Trails Awards at www.AmericanTrails. org/2015.

16 SPRING 2015

Portland’s Tilikum Crossing will carry bicycles and pedestrians plus rail transit and buses

Indoor Trails and

Greenways System Visit the state-of-the-art exhibit hall designed as an indoor trails and green- ways system complete with a city park, campground, labyrinth, pumptrack, snow area, and an area to showcase trail tools equipment— all with land- scaping in abundance.

Over 125 exhibitor booths will showcase the latest in trail products

and services. You won’t want to miss climbing the rock wall, browsing the silent auction, and taking a ride on the  kind of bike ride— indoors! In the exhibit hall, attendees will also be able to enjoy a break in between  will be available. Posters will also be on display in the exhibit hall.

Creative Crossings

showcase trail bridges Recent years have seen the con-

struction of some strikingly beautiful and innovative trail bridge designs. During the International Trails Symposium, trail project managers will have an opportunity to share the beauty of their trail crossings or bridges in the Creative Crossings Photo Gallery. American Trails is proud to show- case those bridges and other trail cross- ings through a photo gallery displayed in the Exhibit Hall at the Symposium, as well as in an online gallery on the American Trails website.

Silent auction offered

during the Symposium The silent auction is another regu-

lar feature of the Symposium. Bidding runs from May 17 to 6:00 p.m. May 19. This is an opportunity for business-

es and organizations to showcase prod- ucts, services, gift items, and publica- tions. Symposium attendees are avid outdoors enthusiasts who appreciate unique products and opportunities. We encourage you to donate items that rep- resent what your organization or com- pany has to offer to the trails world.

An Auction Donation Form and sugges- tions on items to donate is available at

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