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Trails training opportunities

American Trails hosts the National Trails Training Partnership, a nationwide coalition promoting learning and improving skills for trail work.

Bike/Ped education programs at

Portland State University The Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation

offers learning opportunities focused on bicycle and pedestri- an facilities. IBPI’s aim is to advance bicycling and walking as integral elements of the transportation system in Oregon’s communities.

Comprehensive Bikeway Design 1.0: The July 2015 session covers the fundamentals of bikeway planning and design through an intensive week of interactive classroom sessions and field tours. The course, now in its eighth year, offers skills, practical first steps, and diverse perspectives to help create a bike plan or tackle the next big project in your community.

Comprehensive Bikeway Design 2.0: The August 2015 session picks up where the 1.0 course leaves off, focusing on enhancing and making improvements to bicycle networks that already exist. This course, offered for the first time last year, is focused more on the engineering aspects of bikeway planning.

Integrating Bike-Ped Topics into University

Transportation Courses: IBPI also offers a faculty workshop in June 2015. This two-day workshop fosters a holistic approach to teaching transportation engineering and plan- ning by building bicycle and pedestrian design into the curriculum. For all three courses, daily field tours will explore Portland and the surrounding area’s “living laboratory” of bicycle and pedestrian facilities to provide first-hand experi- ence of projects discussed in the classroom. IBPI also offers Sustainable Transportation in the

Netherlands: Students will spend two weeks at the Delft University of Technology developing an understanding of the transportation systems of the cities in the Netherlands.

See the IBPI website for more details at or contact Lacey Friedly at (503) 725-8545.

American Trails “Advancing

Trails Webinar Series” American Trails online webinars bring you the latest in training on all aspects of trails and greenways. Both upcom- ing webinars and recorded presentations are available for purchase through our online store. And American Trails members receive a discount on webinar registration fees!

Upcoming webinars

 (presented by Kim Frederick, Chinook Associates)

 Accessible Trails” (presented by the National Park Service)

 (presented by The Greenway Team, DHM Design, and Greenways, Inc.)

Recorded webinars available A wide variety of recordings of webinars previously pre-

sented are also available through the American Trails Store. Some are available for purchase and access to others is free.

See how to purchase upcoming or archived webinars at www.

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

provides trail skills training Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has been a lead-

ing source of training programs that prepare people to be outdoor stewardship leaders since 1986. VOC’s Outdoor Stewardship Institute training courses are open to the agen- cies and the public, as well as to VOC volunteers who want to develop technical and leadership skills. Courses and workshops offered during 2015 include:

     

See more about VOC and trails training resources currently available at

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