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16.1 Introduction 1.


Initial consultation and research has identified a potential impact of the East Anglia THREE site on aviation radars.

The aviation radars potentially affected are NATS Cromer PSR and MOD Trimingham PSRs. This Appendix focuses on the impacts on these PSRs; as explained in Chapter 16, any impacts of East Anglia THREE on SSR have been scoped out. This Appendix uses the acronyms set out in Chapter 16.

3. Wind turbines are a problem for aviation PSRs as the characteristics of a moving wind turbine blade are similar to an aircraft. The PSR is unable to differentiate between wanted aircraft targets and clutter targets introduced by the presence of turbines.


The significance of any radar impacts depends on the airspace usage and the nature of the ATS provided in that airspace. The classification of the airspace in the vicinity of the East Anglia THREE site and the uses of that airspace (civil and military) are set out in Chapter 16.


Radar impacts may be mitigated by either operational or technical solutions or a combination of both. In either case, the efficacy and acceptability of any operational and / or technical mitigation options available can only be determined by protracted consultations with the radar operators.


Initial investigations have addressed the identification of the maximum turbine sizes across the East Anglia THREE site that would not be detected by the Trimingham and Cromer PSRs.


This Appendix establishes the maximum turbine heights across the East Anglia THREE site that would not be detected by the Trimingham and Cromer PSR and sets out the footprint of any potential technical mitigations which may be available in light of the findings of this Appendix.

16.2 References

• Lockheed Martin TPS-77 radar: Lockheed Martin AN/TPS-77 Factsheet. B013-03 • MOD Trimingham radar positional data: Positional data pertaining to MOD Trimingham radar was received by email from MOD DES ADATS on 13/12/2013 12:33

• NATS Cromer Radar Site data: Ofcom Protected Radar List (Annex 3) 01 October 2013

• Raytheon ASR-10SS radar: Raytheon ASR-10SS Factsheet.

Preliminary Environmental Information May 2014

East Anglia THREE Offshore Windfarm

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