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PAG’s Precision Aviation Services Named a Turbomeca Certifi ed Maintenance Center

Precision Aviation Services (PAS), a PAG company, recently announced that it has been named a Certifi ed Maintenance Center (CMC) by Turbomeca (Safran).

Under the agreement, PAS will perform level 1 and level 2 maintenance on the Ariel 1 and Ariel 2, along with the Arrius 1 and Arrius 2 at their state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot facilities, located on the Atlanta Regional Airport Falcon Field (KFFC), south of Atlanta.

“We are honored that Turbomeca has trusted us with their valued customers by designating us as a CMC,” said PAS President David Ford. “We look forward to a lasting symbiotic relationship.”

AW609 TiltRotor Sets Speed Record on 1,000 km Journey

The AgustaWestland AW609 TiltRotor set a speed record on a 1000 km ‘point-to- point’ journey. The aircraft, with its unique combination of the turboprop airplane’s speed and helicopter’s take-off and landing capabilities, fl ew from its Yeovil facility in southwest England to its Cascina Costa facility near Milan, Italy, a distance of 1,161 km (721 miles / 627 nm), in just 2 hours 18 minutes.

The AW609 TiltRotor features technology which will revolutionize commercial aviation transport: the record set in fl ight between Southern U.K. and Northern Italy clearly demonstrates the unprecedented advantages of the tiltrotor concept for point-to-point journeys. The AW609 will be able to connect two important cities, such

as London and Milan, in about two hours, taking off and landing vertically from the cities’ urban areas just like a helicopter, fl ying at the cruise speed of a turboprop airplane in all weather conditions. Combining fi xed-wing and rotary-wing fl ight attributes, the AW609 provides at least 30 percent to 50 percent time savings when compared to using a combination of car, helicopter, and business jet typical for travel to destinations up to 1,100 km (700 miles).

The fl ight started with a vertical takeoff from Yeovil. The aircraft then climbed to its en route cruising altitude of 25,000 ft (8,000 m), passing north of Southampton, just south of Paris, over the Alps and Piemonte in Italy, before descending and landing at Cascina Costa near Milan just 2 hours 18 minutes later.

Over the last two years, PAS has become a licensed Airbus Helicopter, MD Helicopter, and Robinson Helicopter Service Center, and will continue to make capital investments to expand their product and service off erings.

“Our team of experienced mechanics and technicians are trained and ready to support the needs of Turbomeca customers,” said Vice President of Business Development Adrienne Robinson. “This is another great step in providing extended customer service to our clients as well as clients of Turbomeca. Customers will now be able to have their entire aircraft and engines serviced from the convenience of our facilities. Our expanded capabilities, MRO services, and experienced team makes PAS the ideal location for a Turbomeca Service Center in the Southeast.”

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