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System supporting supply management in the providers network. LogOne is based on logistic labels compatible with GS1 standard.


OPTIDATA has been specializing in providing extensive systems of barcodes and RFID that support logistic and production processes for many years. The solutions we implement are based on professional copyrighted software that cooperates with Customers’ superior systems. The WMS and MES solutions that we implement allow our Clients to optimize operational procedures and increase efficiency. In order to provide high quality and increase competitiveness of the offered solutions we have been constantly improving our qualifications through cooperation with technological leaders such as ORACLE, Microsoft, CISCO, ZEBRA, Honeywell.

OPTIDATA is a company with 13 years of experience in providing comprehensive IT systems that support business processes in the scope of logistics, produc- tion, sales and administration. It is one of the leading Polish businesses offering a full-fledged delivery of WMS, MES, EAM , TMS and GIS-centric systems ba- sed on in-house software. IT systems offered by OP- TIDATA, such as OPTIpromag WMS, TMS Falcon and OPTIest enable throughout location, human resour- ces and fixed assets management with the use of Wi-Fi RTLS (Real-Time Location System).The com- pany is rapidly developing and investing in R&D. It set up the Research and Development Department for Voice and RFID technologies in order to enhance its solutions. The total cost was PLN 3m. The OPTIDATA Lab keeps track of the global trends and tests new solutions. Each year the company re- ports profit and it employs 50 specialists, including more than 40 highly qualified engineers and ma- nagers who follow the Prince 2 Foundation project management standards. Among our more than 250 customers are: Carrefour Group, the Ferrero Group, Mars Group, Capgemini Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Grupa Carlsberg, Grupa Żywiec and many other companies. In these implementations we have built interfaces to the control system for example SAP , IFS, or MS Dynamics AX.

OPTIDATA provides integrated services of consul- ting, provision of software and equipment together with professional service of the delivered systems. Our employees guarantee service all over the coun- try and in all big cities such as Warsaw, Gdansk, Wro- claw, Poznan.

LOGONE SYSTEM: GS1 standard compatibility the ability to generate any barcode labels flexible barcode labels template editor support for the most popular 1D and 2D barcode symbologies easy integration with external systems using the built-in mechanisms (EDI, XML files) logistic units database allows for archiving and data exchange on logistics platform to ensure accuracy of the commodity, its code, supplier and customer database of product

to simplify work with the

system, enabling to print any label for a given product without necessity to re-enter data, which eliminates mistakes data import - data necessary to generate a label can be entered manually or retrieved in universal formats

multi print - logistic labels can be printed on barcode-printer, labeller or standard office printers ease installation process application

and maintenance of More information. CONTACT

Optidata sp.z o.o Ul. Wielicka50/5 30-552 Kraków Tel.+48 12 299-60-00

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