Courts. The tennis courts at Savannah Lakes Village are in great shape so far this winter with no ice or water damage thanks to the proper upkeep by the RC maintenance staffer, Tony, and the players. The courts are maintained in a semi- resort manner and are usually much appreciated. A large majority of the players are cognizant of the need to protect the playing surfaces and do not abuse them. There was a time when we had 20 or so players who thought they knew what was best for the surface and did it their way. It seems that now we are all on the same page and without some of the fatuous solutions, play has been enhanced. Courts 3 and 4 still need more sun; but most of the time, the playing conditions can be tolerated. Savannah Lakes Village is a great place to play and has a majestic group with which to compete. I enjoy tennis by the lake and I hope you do to. A smile will help your day and your tennis.

The Code 26. Service calls by serving team. Neither the server nor the server’s partner shall make a fault call on the first service. One exception: If the

receiver plays the first service that is a fault and does not put the ball in play, the server or his partner may make a fault call.

The Code 15. Audible or visual calls. No matter how obvious it is to a player that an opponent’s ball is out, the opponent is entitled to a prompt audible or visual out call.

The Code 17. Prompt calls eliminate two chance option. A player shall make all calls promptly. A call should be made either before the player’s return shot has gone out of bounds or before an opponent has had an opportunity to play a return shot. Prompt calls will quickly eliminate the “two chances to win the point option.”

Heard on the Court. Player A advancing to the net for an easy put away sees a ball from adjacent court rolling toward his court. He continues to advance and hits the shot only to see it fly over the baseline as the ball rolls on to the court. Player A then calls “let.” Player B who was watching the play develop says “No!” you chose to play the ball instead. (Note. Player A took a chance to win or lose and is not entitled to a second chance.)

Sheriff. Congratulations to tennis family members Clarke Stearns and his wife, Lana, for his being sworn in as Sheriff of McCormick County. It was a tough battle, and he deserves the position. Let’s pray for his success in his new job as Sheriff.•

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