GOLF COMMITTEE New Golf Commitee Members by JOHN RHOADS

These are new members of the Golf Committee. The gentleman on the left is Jerry Krishart and the gentleman on the right is Tom WestGate.

JERRY KRISHART and his wife Marcia moved into SLV in June 2016. Marcia found SLV by doing a Google search for lake access, golf and an active community.

After several visits, they were sold, bought a lot and eventually built. They are both avid golfers, although Marcia is a “fanatic.” During reasonable weather, they can be generally found on the golf course. They have one daughter and a total of six grandchildren all of whom live in the Tampa, Florida area. Living with Marcia and Jerry are two Chinese Crested dogs who rule the house. Marcia and Jerry are involved in some of the many SLV activities. Jerry is getting back into Bridge and they are looking at the possibility of becoming boat owners. WELCOME “HOME,” MARCIA and JERRY!

TOM WESTGATE moved from Michigan with his wife, Mary, to SLV land in 2007. This was after visiting various communities in the Southeast. The golf, lake and mainly the people sold them on SLV. Mary and Tom have three sons with families scattered from Florida to Texas and California.Tom joined the golf committee to lend a voice and promote a more casual play of golf, especially for nine hole players; because as we age we might not all have the inclination towards serious competition as we once had. WELCOME “HOME,” MARY and TOM!


MGA Launches the 2017 Season by FRANK COMPARATO

The MGA (Men’s Golf Association) on February 23 kicked off the 2017 season with its annual breakfast and first official event of the season. All the members enjoyed a great breakfast and were anxious to hit the course and none more than I did.

I love the game of golf. One of the reasons I love the game of golf is as Dave Pelz says, “the game of golf never takes prisoners. It is out there, the same for all of us, never claiming to be fair, or easy, or difficult. It simply says, ‘Here I am. Let’s see what score you can shoot today.’ And every today is different. The tees

12 • March 2017 •

are set differently, as are the pins. The greens are always different, because of weather and the height of the mowers. Also changing daily are the length of the rough, the effects of wind and rain, and the firmness of the turf.”

And that day was no

different. I’m on my first hole of the day. I step up to the ball which is 80 yards from the pin in the middle of the fairway after a perfectly hit drive. I select my club for my next shot, a sand wedge. I’m saying no problem. I take a practice swing, “saawish-swish” – the practice swing feels perfect, I’m ready to go. The air is crisp, the breeze is perfect, my rhythm is good. I step into perfect alignment, execute a perfect swing.

Contact was perfect, ball flight looks perfect, it may go in the hole. How perfect. Then the ball lands six inches to the right of the pin, takes a big bounce to the back of the green, dribbles over the back, scampers down the hill, and tumbles into an unplayable

lie. Double - bogey city. Isn’t this a great game? And guess what – I’ll be back next week and the week afterand the weeks after that for more punishment and fun playing this wonderful game of golf with my fellow MGA golfers. If you haven’t joined the MGA yet, please do not wait. All of us at the MGA look forward to meeting you and playing golf with you.•


We’ve been blessed with some incredibly gorgeous winter weather for golf. There may be some things that have slipped our mind as we march forward from late winter golf into early spring golf.

1. Please use your sand bottles for not only your divot, but others, also. The growing season is coming. The better care we take of our courses now will pay great dividends in beauty and enjoyment later.

2. As we continue into lovely golf weather, please be aware and remember the SLV dress codes. The Golf Committee does not enjoy sending letters to individuals reminding them they are out of code. If you are new and unfamiliar with the SLV dress codes, they can be found in the pro shops.

3. Let’s get into the practice of entering for sure tee times. Make sure your players are coming. “No Shows” cost your club revenue.

4. Pace of Play. Do your part in maintaining SLV Pace of Play times. Everyone will benefit.


A couple of events coming up you should be interested in: 1. March 9 at Tara; “Spring Fling” replaces Valentines Day event. 2. March 25 at Tara; “Sadie Hawkins” event.

3. “Golf and Gather” starts its spring semi-monthly program March 12.

Blasts will be forthcoming as the times draw near for event descriptions. Get ready for the season folks, it’s about here.•

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