There is enough variety of trails that you can take a different way back.

Jamie Mosley, Simi Valley I love the Challenger Park trail.

The trailhead is conveniently located near the bridle path neighborhood in Simi Valley. The trail offers a variety of ter- rain, including rolling hills with amazing 360 views and a section shaded by beautiful, mature oak trees. The trails also connect to multiple other trails in the southern hills of Simi, offering the option of a short 30 minute ride or several hours in a beauti- ful area.

Bobbie De La Fuente, Quartz Hill Hi! I’m Bobbie De La Fuente,

I’m the secretary for ETI Corral 138, and this is my favorite trail. A trail we call ZigZag Canyon

is my favorite. It’s in the desert in Littlerock. There’s big shade trees near the waterfall from the dam, tunnels we go thru, lots of hills and high canyon walls like the Grand Canyon.

Anonymous Griffith Park is and always will be my favorite place to trail ride. There are 52 miles of trials which are shared with joggers and hikers only. Although there are an occasional biker, the Rangers are just a phone call away. The views you can get to are amazing. You can ride to the Hollywood sign, Griffith Park Observatory, Pony rides, Traveltown, Live Steamers and even the Viva Cantina. The trails

will sometimes have a lot of erosion but once again that fix is just a phone call away. I love Griffith Park. (Corral 38)

Piercy Guerin, Altadena Mount Hollywood, nestled

in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, is by far my favorite trail. From atop the highest mountain in the city park, you get a 360 degree view of Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, and the Valley. If the spectacular view isn’t enough, you also have a per- fect backdrop for an epic photo in front of the Hollywood Sign. The horses are well behaved and well trained, and I have never had a dull guide. Los Angeles is full of wacky history and the guides on the ride love to tell the tall tales of the city while you gaze at the beautiful land- scape from atop a trusty steed. Definitely high on my list!

Brian Greenberg, Springfield, MO Sunset Ranch, Hollywood CA. I know... this sounds like a

tourist trap. You’re a legit eques- trian. You’re not gonna put on a helmet some other person wore. HOWEVER... If you go to Paris, you see the Eiffel tower SO... if you’re in Los Angeles, then you can’t NOT see the Hollywood Sign and most people don’t realize the you can’t drive up to it and take a picture. In fact, it’s practically impossible to walk to it! But, riding a horse with the

Hollywood sign in the back- ground... that picture became

such a talking point about my trip. EVERYONE asked about it. And I LOVE to talk horses so as much fun as I had jumping on a horse that someone else had to saddle, a lot of the fun was talking about the unique adven- ture of riding a horse through the mountains overlooking Los Angeles all the way out to the ocean.

Rebecca Abad, Cerritos Love the trails in the

Hollywood hills at Sunset Ranch. You and see the city all the way to the ocean and still feel like you have traveled back in time for

Jamie Wong, Arcadia Sunset Ranch Hollywood’s

sunset/evening rides hands down is the best trail ride. The trail takes you on a two hour, six mile ride through Griffith Park, (just outside Los Angeles, CA) where you can get amazing views of the surrounding com- munities from the top of Mount Hollywood. Best part about the ride is you have the opportunity to see unobstructed views of the ocean, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. Personally the best time of the year to visit would be late winter to spring or early fall when days and nights are similar lengths. The ride will generally begins an hour or so before sun- set and returns during twilight or just as the sun make it under the horizon. It has to be one of the best ways to experience the colors of sunset and certainly doesn’t hurt every ride gets stunning views of the historic Hollywood Sign above the ranch.

Janine Koster, Lake Hughes I have several memorable fab-

ulous rides. They all made me feel like I died and went to heaven.

Andrea Simeral-Boyer, Lincoln There are several lovely trails

near where I live. There are two that I really LOVE! Empire Mines in Auburn and also Hidden Falls. Empire Mines is set in the hills of Auburn where there was once a huge mining operation. Especially in May and June, there are thousands of sweet peas in bloom, not only a feast for your eyes, they smell like heaven. Not only that, but it’s loaded with tall trees and it’s nice and shady. It gets hot here in the summer, and the shade makes it tolerable. Hidden Falls is the place to go

if you want to go on a long ride. The trails go for miles and miles. A truly nice day trip, and the falls are lovely!

Debbie Robbins, Norco Monument Valley on the land

of the Sovereign Nation of the Navajo Indians.

Anonymous Yosemite National Park high

country. The water falls, riv- ers and rock formations are AMAZING!

Christine Rose, San Pablo The absolutely best trail ride

Pamela Kramer-Glickman

Rebecca Abad

Hope Adams

Mara Somma

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