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Springtime social distancing through wine country.

April 1, 2020


From the second that I get on, the rhythm of riding relaxes my whole self...for a while, there is no virus. Just us.


’m enjoying rides on my horse Brooks The Dunn in beautiful, rural Temecula Wine Country, taking in the springtime

“bud break” of new growth on the grape- vines. It’s an annual sign of LIFE and HOPE that comes to the dormant wintering vines. I wish LIFE and HOPE for America and the rest of the world during this most difficult time of shelter in place, quarantine and the reality of deadly illness for so many. My heart breaks for the sick. More than ever, at time like this, I so am

grateful for my parents who allowed me to love and own horses and dogs, as well as to appreciate nature. I love seeing people out riding, hiking, biking and walking now, breathing in the fresh air while soaking up life-giving sunshine. My wish for everyone is to live strong and

survive, the rainbow is coming. Blessings to all from Temecula.

–Juanita Koth, Temecula

Laura Sadler sees the silver lining of all this — improving her riding!


had to shut down my massage practice, so I’m filling my time by spending more time with my

horse. Staying in the arena and disin- fecting everything I touch at the barn where I share with others. The silver lining for me is that I can use this as an opportunity to improve my riding, so I’ll be ready to hit the show ring when this is over.

–Laura Sadler, Burbank W

e are coping well with the situa- tion — I am taking advantage of being at home and not commuting

to play, doctor, and train the horses and burros. Loving it!

–Amy Dumas, Newcastle T

Juliet Johnson with Maggie and Dewey in Los Angeles.

he horses are the ONLY thing in my life that has seen relatively no change since the virus. I get up,

shovel poop, brush the horses, tend to my human family and then I saddle up and ride. From the second that I get on, the rhythm of riding relaxes my whole self. The trail is in front of me, the hors- es quietly flick their ears and plod along — and for a while, there is no virus. Just us.

I’ll ride ‘til they close trails, and then I’ll just take walks on the street with them. I hope everybody out there is just breathing in their horses and staying well.

–Juliet Johnson, Los Angeles See Social Distance, page 24 –Juliet Johnson, Los Angeles

he best getaway will always be your friends at the barn. –Kimm Wilcoxson, Colorado

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